5 Distinctive Great-Paying Summer Jobs

summer job advice

Summer jobs can be a wonderful way to save up, whether it’s for college or for certain personal needs. You can always go to short term loan lenders for extra cash, but you can also try to make some. If you have already considered the smart financial moves to do before summer, think of the possibility to earn means in the holiday season. Find below the list of the most unique summer occupations which are well-paid.

Theme Park Ride Operator

Do you get excited with the thrill of the rides in an amusement park? You can spend the whole day in the park and get paid for it, being a ride operator. The duties of an operator will include controlling the equipment, inform the visitors of the safety rules and making sure they follow them.

From time to time you’ll have to comfort clients with “coasterphobia”. The average wage of an operator of KingdaKa in New Jersey, which is known to be the world’s greatest roller coaster, is around 9 dollars per hour.

Cruise Ship Photographer

In case you do not suffer from seasickness and are good at photography, you may consider the job of a cruise ship photographer. More than 20 million people travel on more than 400 cruise ships annually and about a million and a half photos are taken in the course of the year.

You can make up to 2100$ per month with an average hourly rate of 13,70$. You may need some professional experience or a degree in certain cases.

Golf Caddie

The payment a golf caddie may get can really strike you. One can make up to a hundred bucks per bag for just 4,5 hours. It’s easy to calculate that it can result in about 3500$ per month, quite a good sum for some extra income. However, Steve Williams, the highest-paid caddie, gets 1,27 million, and some former caddies like Bill Clinton and Bill Murray are quite famous at present.


Though TV-shows like “Baywatchhave” made many people believe lifeguard duty is a synonym to sex appeal, it’s not so. More than 100 000 people are rescued each year by lifeguards. To get a certificate for 2 years, you will have to complete special training, including CPR. The average wage is around 9$, but you may join the list of former well-known lifeguards like Clint Eastwood and Vince Vaughn.

Ice Cream Truck Vendor

Ice cream has grown recently into a 10 billion industry in America only. Such cities as Long Beach and Calif are the most ice cream consuming ones. In addition to an average hourly rate of 12,18$, you can get flexible working hours and the freedom of choosing your own route. However, be careful as you can find yourself among lots of competitors in the busiest summer months.