How Much Money Americans Are Spending?

Even though money can’t buy happiness, we tend to spend it more and more each year. But the interesting fact is that we feel pain and pleasure at the same time when we spend money. There are mostly two types of people:

  • Spenders. They feel happy when they buy things. The pain comes when they have to delay their gratification.
  • Savers. Having money in a bank is a pleasure for them. The pain comes when they have to spend that money.

So, we’ve decided to make a little research and find out how much an average American spends and more importantly where this money goes.

Americans Do Spend … A Lot!

Doesn’t it seem weird that our people are so quick to spend money rather on Entertainment than on their Education? If they have money on fun staff how come they can’t pay off their student loans, mortgages and other debts? Maybe we should stop blaming the government for our own debts? Maybe it’s our own fault? Be honest with yourself.