$100 a Month is Enough to Run a Business

$100 for the business
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In case you are self-employed, you can easily avoid certain costs which add up costs to your business. Though it’s now easy to get short term business loans, you will never need to if you follow the below advised $100-a-month scheme.

So, you will have to work from home or some café nearby, if you sell consumer goods it will help you to leave out certain supplies. Cheap tools below will help you make your business effective even on a tight budget. When considering to borrow money for your business, make sure you have tried all the savvy options.

  • Site:16 Dollars a Month

What turns people off in the first turn, is often a website, which is poorly designed or ill-maintained. To get something really reliable, you may try Squarespace which offers unlimited options of pages, galleries, storage, and an integrated e-commerce module.

The sites from Squarespace are intuitive and demand no special knowledge to build and edit them, which makes you save on the tech aspect. The domain will also cost you a little, just 10 dollars for the first year, which is more than affordable.

  • Bookkeeping Software: Free

A wave can offer you multiple book-keeping, invoicing and receipt management tools for free completely, you can also upgrade any time for advanced options.

  • Legal Services: 23.99 Dollars a Month

Starting your business, you should think about how to protect your intellectual property, having your own lawyer is quite handy. LegalZoom is eager to offer you a multitude of services, covering all the aspects of your business processes.

  • Phone Service: Free

Without any doubt, you can arrange a separate phone line for your business, but it’s a bit awkward idea if you have to pay already for your personal phone. So, Google Voice number can forward calls to your cell phone and allow you checking voicemail online.

  • File Storage: 15 Dollars a Month

Dropbox is a perfect option for those, who generate multiple files or shares a lot with clients. 15 dollars a month will allow 5 operators to use the storage space, which is actually unlimited.

  • Meeting Space: 15 Dollars a Month
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At present, for most clients, it’s quite OK to meet in restaurants or cafes, but if you want a meeting or a conference room for some purpose, go to Liquidspace, offering spaces all over the country from 15 dollars an hour, you can even book some in advance through the site.

  • Virtual Assistant: $29.99 Dollars a Month

The online resources like Elance or oDesk may help you to find an hourly assistant if you need to lessen the burden of business routine on yourself. A monthly membership from Fancy Hands allows you 5 requests a month.