Quitting Your Job to Start a Business?

“Starting a business” is now a very popular topic on Quora. Questions do repeat and the most common would be:

  • How do I start an online business?
  • What business can I start with $100 ($1000, $5000, etc.)?
  • I have a job, but want to quit and start my own business. What should I do?

In this infographic we will speak about questions you should ask yourself before you decide to quit your job. Answer each of the 5 questions and express your opinion in the comments section below.

how to start a business


That Being Said…

Starting something new is always scary. That’s why you need to prepare yourself as much as you can. Probably, the timing is not right or maybe the timing is never right? Maybe you need more money for business than you think? Then read about common start up failures.

While trying something new is scary, it is also so exciting. It’s a new chapter of your life and it is up to you whether you would like to find out what’s coming next.

Good luck and know that we are always here to support your goals!