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People often come in front of financial problems. There are several options for this issue, depending on the amount you need and the conditions you’re on. Sometimes there is a necessity to cover large sums, such as university rates or house renovation prices.

Besides, the needs are much smaller, and $100 would be enough to cover your expenses. Nowadays, people can easily find instant loan apps and receive the money within a couple of days after the request.

Yet, everyone should be aware of all the outcomes. To avoid unpleasant consequences, you must do some research, compare several options, and choose those that provide the best beneficial offer.


The Lendgreen company has been in the field for a long time. It has a good reputation, especially in the customer support department. It is a perfect option for those who can’t repay the debt right away.

After the registration, new attendees get access to $1200 that could be borrowed. In addition, there is no pressure – Lendgreen allows its customers to pay off the loan in 3 or more months.

In general, the rates vary from $100 to $1500. Also, the amount you can take depends on your income. The company analyzes your financial abilities and decides whether to approve your request or not. However, the maximum term is 18 months.

To be eligible to apply for a loan, customers have to be more than 18 years and have the citizenship of the state they are borrowing in. The Lendgree doesn’t cooperate with the military members, unfortunately, and requires a stable source of income.

The annual percentage rate equals 795%, meaning the longer you pay back the debt, the more you overpay. Yet, the company has before-schedule payment options with no fee included. This issue is easily negotiable.


  •  Flexible terms which allow customers to repay the loan on time
  •  Wide range of the amount that can be borrowed


  •  High APR rates
  • Customers have to be eligible for the loan according to the certain criteria



LendingPoint offers loans in fair conditions, applying to customers’ financial stories and credit scores. The company helps to strengthen the living condition by providing approachable deals with low interests and fees. The overall review of the LendingPoint is average. Customers are averagely satisfied with the services.

The company works online and covers almost the whole country except West Virginia and Nevada. Among its offers, customers can find a 35.99% APR. The numbers might be lower depending on your situation. In addition, LendingPoint accepts people with bad credit – it requires at least 580, which is almost the minimum credit score one can have.

Also, the LendingPoint app would be a matching one for you if you need more than a $2000 loan. The number is big, but you shouldn’t have problems repaying it with the 24 – 60 months lending term. 

In case the mentioned sum is not enough, there is a cap of $36500, so you can choose and negotiate any necessary figures. The speed of the verification is usually instant, meaning you’ll receive the money on the next workday.


  •  Low-interest rate and APR
  •  Accepting customers with bad credit
  •  Approachable loan term for a repayment


  •  Inability to borrow a small sum
  •  The minimum annual income of $20,000 is mandatory
  •  Doesn’t operate in Nevada and West Virginia

Check `n go

The Check `n Go is another $100 instant app that can lend money when you need it ASAP. Moreover, your credit score won’t be an obstacle – the company accepts even those who have low account labels.

The process takes up to one business day, so you’ll receive the funds right in time. The overall review of the Check `n Go, and its $50 loan instant app is fairly decent. It maintains a good reputation.

The lending company has two ways of communication: land-based facilities and online applications. Both proceed with borrowing requests pretty fast. The amount you can lend starts from $100 and goes up to $5000.

Still, be aware of the interest rates and extra fees. The APR of the Check `n Go is 812% which is higher than at other average banks. However, they have an advantage in speed – it makes it worth it. Depending on the amount you’ve taken, you’ll have a specified loan term.

Usually, customers have to repay their debt within 1 – 8 months, but if the sum is larger than a 3 to 18 months option is possible. Also, take into account that you need an active checking account to become a member of Check `n Go.


  • Instantly sent transactions
  • Cooperates with high-rated lenders
  • Flexible repayment terms


  • High APR and interest rates
  • The maximum possible amount of the loan varies from state to state


CashNetUSA is a $100 loan instant app no credit check which has been on the market since 2004. It landed plenty of thousands of dollars to citizens all over the country. The app has high ratings, and the company remains one of the customers’ favorites. It is known for the speed of the transaction, decent rates, and customer service.

The main advantage of CashNetUSA is a speedy proceeding. If you requested until 10:30 am CT then you’ll receive the loan on the same day. The CashNetUSA app allows people to borrow money in the range of $100 up to $3500.

Yet, it differs from state to state. For instance, in Oregon, the cap is $300, but in Michigan, it is up to $600, etc. The APR equals 474.51%, which is higher than at other possible companies and $100 loan instant apps.

Besides, if you have a small debt, you’ll be able to repay it within 8 to 35 days. The usual loan term varies between 6 and 24 months. Still, consider specified terms of the state and analyze whether the deal is beneficial for you or not.


  •  Customers can take a small loan as well as a large one
  •  Speedy proceeding process of the application verification
  •  Flexible terms for repayment


  •  High annual percentage rates
  •  Low borrowing caps (varies from state to state)


The FreedomPlus always pay attention to each customer’s situation and tries to tailor the borrowing terms accordingly. In addition, the name of the company speaks for itself – FreedomPlus helps people to feel free from their financial issues and adjust to the needs of the customer. It doesn’t require an excellent credit score and provides low rates for all.

The company operates online and offers to fill out the application on the website to demand a loan. People can borrow any sum between 100 dollars and up to $40,000. But be aware that those terms widely vary according to each state.

For instance, in Ohio, the minimum offer equals $5.500, so you have to do accurate research and check whether your state’s conditions match your needs. However, you will have at least 24 months to return the borrowed money. If it’s not enough, the deal might be extended up to 60 months.

Customers don’t have to worry about extra expenses as well. The annual percentage rate at FreedomPlus is 29.99% which decently helps to save up some cash. The proceeding period is 48 hours, so within 2 workdays, your request will be verified and done.


  •  Low-interest rates
  • Speedy loan request proceeding


  •  The minimum amount of the loan is high (depends on the state)



Opploans aims to give its customers better services and affordable rates. They proceed with fast loan verification and convenient terms. Users are satisfied with the way Opploans operate, including its app, fees, rating, and support system.

The company also offers large sums for lending. The minimum amount of a loan a person can get is $1000. Still, don’t neglect to check the specified conditions for each state. In case the necessary amount is larger, you can apply to any rate up to $4000. Yet, consider the 199% APR.

The repayments period is negotiable, but it varies between 9 and 36 months, depending on the figures and the frequency you can deposit monthly. Similar to other $100 instant loan apps, the Opploans proceed and verify the request within 1 business day. 

To be eligible to get the loan, you have to be at least 18 years old and live in the state where you apply for a debt. In addition, you can’t be a military member and have to confirm your regular source of income. Also, take into account that your bank account should be active for at least 90 days.


  • Flexible terms of repayment


  • High APR
  • Inability to borrow small sums (depends on the state)

Speedy cash

In any emergency or case of unexpected expenses, SpeedyCash is ready to take responsibility for helping people get back on track. It provides the opportunity to borrow a small amount and large ones as well. The reviews of the app are decent. Customers like the services and appreciate the fair deals.

The SpeedyCash operates both online and at land-based points. When you request a loan, you’ll get it right away, applying at the store. When you want to make it from the comfort of your own house, then you might need to wait about 1 business day. In addition, the minimum sum the SpeedyCash can lend is $100, while the cap reaches $5000.

However, all the repayment terms are negotiable and can be extended up to 42 months. But you might want to return borrowed money faster, not to overpay interest rates. The APR of the SpeedyCash is 680.7% which is a bit higher than average.

To get access to the system, you have to follow the same rules: the eligible age is 18 and over, a stable source of income is a must, and the applicant has to show a valid ID as well as an open bank account.


  •  Possibility to choose the needed amount, whether it’s $100 or more
  •  Speedy proceeding and convenient loan term


  •  High APR and interest rates



The Avant aims to be closer to the people and reduce the barriers to maintaining middle-class customers. The company operates online and provides the best conditions for its customers. The reviews are above average, which means clients are highly satisfied with the services.

Same as previous options, Avant offers lending sums in the range of $2000 – $35,000. The rates might seem large, but even with the minimum amount, you’ll be on time with the repayment.

The usual terms of the loan are 24 to 60 months, depending on the borrowed funds and the ability to return them to the lender. The APR varies, but the cap is 35.99%. So, after doing some counting, you’ll see that the procedure is approachable. 

There are some conditions that you need to consider while applying as well. You can demand the Avant loan only if you’re over 18 years, a resident of the USA with SSN, and have a gross annual income minimum of $20,000. In addition, those who want to be eligible for debt are supposed to have at least a 580 credit score.


  • Approachable APR rates
  • Wide range of the possible borrowing amounts
  • Strong customer support service


  • The minimum borrowing sum is pretty high for those who need a small financial help
  • Requirement of a fair credit score which is not less than 580

Should I Take a $100 Loan From Instant App?

In case you’re still thinking about whether it’s worth applying for an instant loan app, you might need to analyze all the pros and cons. So, let’s review them now to go more in-deep on this topic.


  • The convenience of the application. No more countless paperwork – now you can fill up all the needed info online and much faster from the comfort of your home.
  • Fast proceeding. Most apps for instant money help you to save up lots of time. On average, all the processes, such as requesting and verification, take up to 2 business days.
  • Wide range of choices. Online lenders offer numerous options, creditors, and applications tailored to each customer.


  • Trust is a question. Customers can’t see their lenders eye-to-eye, which causes a bit of inconvenience. Therefore, you should always double-check the Terms & Conditions.
  • High-rated interest and APRs. Unfortunately, some online apps and lenders can increase demanded expenses since they put themselves at a big risk.


How many loans from instant apps can I get at the same time?

It’s possible, but not recommended. A person can conduct one loan at a time. Usually, lenders would not approve a customer already paying off the other debt. Also, it might be complicated to cover two loans at the same time and lead to worse consequences such as penalties and overdue fees. 

What are the conditions for borrowing from instant apps?

To be eligible for a loan, customers have to meet certain criteria. For instance, a person has to be over 18 years and have a valid ID or US citizenship, an active bank account, etc. The application process itself is easy: you have to fill up an online form indicating the needed info. Then just negotiate the deal with the lender and receive the funds. 

Is it legal to borrow from instant apps?

Instant loans are legal. Moreover, most of them are linked to trustworthy banks. Yet, before applying for any loan and downloading any app, do some research, analyze the options and compare them. Reviews might also be useful – this way, you can see how a particular company treats its customers. Better not to rush when the question contains plenty of personal and financial info. 

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