Payday Loans in Nebraska

Payday Loans in Nebraska

Need Money Fast?

If you live in Nebraska and are a bit short on cash, you might consider taking out a payday loan. Payday loans are loans you can apply to, take out, and are due on the next payday.

There are numerous payday lenders that you can tap into so that you can acquire the cash urgently with little to no application. There are also no collaterals involved when it comes to online payday loans. These financiers vary in their platforms; other lenders have physical stores where you can visit and fill applications. Others are through Nebraska online applications or websites.

Best Online Payday Loans in Nebraska

You can reach out to several payday lenders when you are in the state of NE. To give you the best list, we considered ease of application, rates, limits, and some reviews from people who have tried them. Read on to learn more!

PayDaySay App

paydaysay-payday-loansPayDaySay is a payday advance app you can install on your phone to take out a loan. It was established in 2013 and has gained trust from both borrowers and creditors. However, it’s not functional for some US states, such as West Virginia, New York, California, and Arkansas. PayDaySay is not a direct lender but pools in virtual payday lenders and acts as a middle man.

In PayDaySay, you can borrow a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $5000. Once you submit an application, other requirements such as income proof and identification cards can prove that you are at least 18 years old. Once your application is approved, the money will come into your bank account.

Since PayDaySay is just a middle man, the rates and repayment terms vary per lender. Most commonly, rates are at 2% for 2-3 weeks. Borrowers like PayDaySay because the application is simple and approval is no more than 24 hours. Since it is also an application, the app is accessible 24/7.

EZ Money Check Cashing

EZ Money Check Cashing Loans EZ Money Check Cashing is a Nebraska payday loan online website that is based in the city of Omaha, NE. It has over 30 branches spread across the United States. It has over 30 years of experience when it comes to money lending. The application process with EZ Money is fast and easy; you can even apply online, and there’s no need to go directly to their branch. Rates vary from 136% to 521%, depending on factors such as credit score, address of the applicant, and loan repayment terms. The amount of money to be loaned depends on the borrower’s salary, and you will need to provide some proof of income to qualify. Since EZ Money Check Cashing offers payday loans, the short-term loan should be repaid within 2-4 weeks. Customers of EZ Money rave about the company’s customer service. All the staff is super friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable about each state’s laws. Overall, EZ Money provides a great alternative to online payday loans offered in Nebraska online but are a bit high when it comes to rates.

Cash Depot

Cash Depot Loans Cash Depot is a Nebraska payday loan online referral platform in Omaha, NE. They work by connecting borrowers to big and reliable US lenders so that the loan can take place. Requirements for a loan are simple: you just need to be at least 18 years old, have a bank account under your name, proof of income, and a contact email or phone.

Cash Depot is known for its swift approval process. Usually, you will be matched with a lender in about 5 minutes or less. Since Cash Depot is just a platform, the rates and limits of the loan vary per lender. But for online payday loans, the usual rate is 400% APR, and repayment terms are 1-4 weeks.

Overall, Cash Depot is the best lender in Nebraska regarding ease of approval. If you need cash urgently, waiting for a few minutes is helpful, and the approval rate for this platform is 94%. This means that your application is almost always matched and approved.

Klover App

Klover App Payday loans or cash advances can be requested in the Klover app. Klover is a company that was built in 2019 and is based in Chicago. However, since it is an application, residents from the state of NE online can also access this app and request a loan. Klover doesn’t charge interest in the cash advance that you will request. However, they charge a fee for every cash advance. This means that the money you can withdraw is already deducted from the fee they charge. Below are the sample fees that Klover charge:

  • Up to $10: $1.99
  • Up to $25: $2.99
  • Up to $50: $7.49
  • Up to $250: $9.99

Overall, Klover is a good borrowing option when you urgently need cash because there is no interest. However, the app can only lend you up to $250, which is unsuitable for big purchases. You are also required to prove that you have received a steady paycheck of at least $250 per month from the same employer for at least 3 months.

Dave App

dave Dave is an application you can install on your gadgets to request cash advances. This app is accessible in the state of NE. Once you install the app and sign up, you must pay a membership fee of $1 per month. The catch is that you can request cash advances from the app with no interest fees or charges. The maximum amount you can withdraw from the Dave app is $250. You should be able to repay the loaned amount on the next payday. Tipping the app is optional. If you have no time and need the cash in less than 8 hours, you can expedite it by paying a minimal fee. Overall, the Dave app is probably the best one to use when trying to minimize fees and interest rates. Dave lets you adjust the repayment date without incurring any late fees if you cannot repay the loan on time.

Nebraska is one of the states that recently made some laws about short-term loans. This protects the residents in Nebraska against predatory lending schemes that hinder consumers from achieving financial independence. Payday loans online Nebraska state are legal, provided that they adhere to the guidelines set by the state. Payday loans should have a maximum term of 34 days, and APR for a 14-day $100 loan is set at 391% maximum. Each resident of Nebraska can only have 2 outstanding loans per lender at a time.  The companies that provide payday loans online Nebraska state must comply with these regulations to operate in the state. Nebraska provides routine checks on these lending companies to ensure compliance.

Why Might You Need Nebraska Payday Loans Online?

It is always best to have some extra funds ready, so you can deal with emergencies. Still, sometimes, even the money you set aside for rainy days is not enough. When you must deal with urgent and pressing matters that need cash, you can choose payday loans online Nebraska state because the application is usually fast and easy. Many payday loan creditors also do not look at credit scores, so you don’t need to worry about bad credit scores’ impact on your application. However, remember that payday loans are not the cheapest option in the finance world. Most payday loans online have high-interest rates, ranging from 200% to 400%. It is also not the most flexible since you need to repay the loan in about 1-4 weeks or until your next paycheck. It is best to opt for payday loans when you are in a hurry and you expect some cash to come your way in the next few weeks, so you can repay the loan on time and will not need to pay extra fees.

Terms of Payday Loans in Nebraska

Since the state of Nebraska has implemented some payday loan regulations, it is essential to understand some of the specific terms and what their limits are in the state of Nebraska. Understanding these terms will help you make better decisions when taking out a loan and choosing the best lender offer. It can help you better assess your financial situation. Lastly, it will enable you to spot companies that do not adhere to Nebraska guidelines and help you stay out of their radar for your financial safety.

Loan Amounts

Loan amount refers to the money lent by banks, credit unions, or financial institutions to the borrowers. This amount is given to another party to be paid according to the repayment terms agreed upon by both the borrower and lender. The loan amount plus the interest must be repaid before the due date of the payday loan. Because the loan amount is where the interest rate is applied, it is best to only take out a loan amount that will meet your needs. The higher the loan amount, the higher the interest you will be paying. If the matter is not urgent, it is highly advisable to set aside a specific amount for it instead of taking out a payday loan. For the state of Nebraska, there is no minimum loan amount to be taken. But the maximum per loan is $500. This is part of consumer protection against predatory lending companies that prey on Nebraskan residents with financial difficulties.

Loan Terms

Loan terms refer to the time the lender gives the borrower to repay the loan. This is also sometimes referred to as the loan length. The loan term set for payday loans online Nebraska state is up to 34 days. Simply speaking, the longer the loan term is, the more flexible a loan is. This means the borrower has more time to earn money to repay the loan. Financial institutions, banks, and credit unions have conditions and penalties if you can’t adhere to the loan term. Usually, there are late payment fees and additional interests incurred in the event of non-repayment. Suppose you cannot adhere to the loan term set by your lender. In that case, it is always best to reach out to your lender, discuss your situation honestly and negotiate a new loan term you can follow. Taking out a new loan to pay for an existing one is never a good idea because you’ll be deeply in debt, paying interest before you know it.

Loan Rates

The loan rate is the percentage charged by the lender and is applied to the borrowed principal. For instance, a bank charges 5% for personal loans, and you loaned $100. You must repay the bank the principal plus the interest, a total of $105, before the loan’s due date. The higher the loan rate is, the more expensive the loan is. That is why generally, people are advised to choose the cheaper option when it comes to interest rates. Nebraska has amended its law by implementing a 36% annual limit on payday lending transactions. This applies to all the loaned amounts up to $500. Additionally, suppose the payday lender is charging 36% APR. In that case, it will be prohibited to charge and collect fees or other interests greater than 36%. Even if a payday lender has a physical office in the state, they are still prohibited from marketing and offering loans with loan rates that are greater than 36%.

Pros and Cons of Payday Loans in Nebraska

If you are still unsure whether to take out payday loans online Nebraska state or not, we have summarized and listed the benefits and disadvantages of doing so:

Benefits of Payday Loans in Nebraska:

  • Easy and fast application
  • You are still eligible to borrow even if you have a bad credit score
  • Applications and websites are accessible 24/7, so you can borrow them anytime and anywhere
  • The interest rate is capped at 36% per year, considerably lower when compared to payday loans in other states
  • Money is conveniently sent straight to your bank account once approved

Disadvantages of Payday Loans in Nebraska:

  • Interest is higher than personal loans and other more secured loans
  • The loan amount is capped at $500.

In conclusion, payday loans in Nebraska are still considered expensive compared to more secured loans. Although the state has implemented some regulations, it is still best to only avail of this kind of loan if you urgently need cash. You can’t afford to wait for the approval of other financial institutions.

What will Nebraska Payday Loan Cost?

Nebraska payday loan online and offline costs depend on the loan rates set by the moneylenders. For instance, a lender charges 36%, and you loaned the maximum loanable amount of $500. Multiplying the two will give an interest of $180. After the loan length or loan term, you are supposed to pay back $680. If the lending company sets two payment schedules, divide $680 by 2, and you are supposed to pay $340 for each due date. Suppose that after the loan term, you still owe the lending company a total of $200 because of late repayment, and the lending company charges 5% of the unpaid amount for late repayments. $200 multiplied by 5% is $10. You are still to pay $210 in the grace period that the company set. If this happens, you can pay a total of $690, where $500 is the loaned amount, $180 is the interest, and $10 is the fee for late repayment. As you have probably noticed, the $190 paid for the $500 loan amount is relatively high, especially if this is just for a month or two. This is why we highly advise you to repay your loaned amount on time and take out only what you need.

Nebraska Payday Loans Online if the Credit Rating is Poor

Although payday loans are more expensive than other loan options, many people are still opting for them because they do not require borrowers to have excellent credit scores. Even if you have a poor credit rating, chances are you will still be able to take out a payday loan if you complete other requirements such as proof of income and identification cards. Payday loans do not involve collateral such as home and car titles. Some lending companies require your bank account where they automatically deduct the amount that’s due for your loan. However, taking out payday loans can still affect your credit scores. Just make sure to always repay the loan on time and in full to improve your credit rating and avoid paying additional fees.

What are Alternatives to Nebraska Payday Loans Online

Even if you have a poor credit rating, chances are you will still be able to take out a payday loan if you complete other requirements such as proof of income and identification cards. Payday loans do not involve collateral such as home and car titles. Some lending companies require your bank account where they automatically deduct the amount that’s due for your loan. However, taking out payday loans can still affect your credit scores. Just make sure to always repay the loan on time and in full to improve your credit rating and avoid paying additional fees.


Nebraska is one of the states in the US that has strict regulations when it comes to short-term loans, including payday loans. Because of this, lending companies must adhere to the guidelines of the states in order to operate. This is true for both online and in-store lenders. These regulations are for the protection of the consumers so that they won’t fall into the debt trap.  Having all these said, payday loans in Nebraska are legal, and they are one of the few options that provide fast cash with little to no approval. If you have an emergency and are in need of some money urgently, looking into payday loans might be beneficial for you. There are a lot of applications and websites, and even stores, that offer them in Nebraska. You just need to fill up an application form and submit some documents, and you will know the approval result in a few hours or minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Nebraska has implemented regulations on payday loans so that the lending companies don’t charge interest rates that are too high. Take out a payday loan in Nebraska if you urgently need cash or have a bad credit score that can affect your application for other types of loans.

The state monitors all lending companies in Nebraska to ensure that they charge a maximum of 36% APR for payday loans. However, other applications offer cash advances with no APRs. Others charge an expedited fee if you are in a hurry. Examples of these apps are Dave and Klover.

Because the state of Nebraska has implemented strict loan regulations, all residents of Nebraska can only get 2 payday loans per lender at a time. This is to help the residents achieve financial freedom and get out of debt.

Yes. Payday loans are allowed and legal in Nebraska, provided they adhere to the regulations set by the state. Some of these regulations are that the interest rate is capped at 36%, and there should be no hidden fees. Repayment terms are 34 days, and the loan amount is capped at $500.

Yes. When you stop repaying a loan, lending companies can file a lawsuit and sue you. But remember that it’s not always a bad thing. If you are highly in debt, you can negotiate with the attorney and settle with a repayment term that you can afford. Still, it is best to pay off all your loans to avoid damage to your credit score.

Yes, but only up to 25% of your wage. Suppose your loan has a condition where they can collect repayments from your wage. In that case, you won’t have a choice but to adhere, with 25% of your wage automatically deducted when you stop paying. To avoid this, ensure you can repay the loan before taking one.

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