8 Personal Finance Apps For Teens and Young Adults

personal finance apps for kids
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Unfortunately, we do not inherit a talent for managing money. Some people are more organizationally and mathematically inclined and find their finance way easier, but the very first concepts are not bestowed upon birth.

We are introduced to money concepts at school, and, hopefully, parents take care of their kids’ financial literacy as well.

We are lucky to live in an era of technological advancement. So, teens and young adults have so many benefits once they begin using all these devices. They can be money savvy and independent relying on technology.

10 Money Management Apps to Gain Financial Literacy

1. Toshl Finance

While we constantly looking for ways to make extra cash, we still need to know how to manage whatever we have today. We need assistance. Well, this is one really awesome app that helps set a monthly budget and track every expense.

The user logs and categorizes expenses himself. Toshl Finance has added the advantage of instilling financial responsibility into the money related equation.

2. Left to Spend

This is a basic budgeting app that is very similar to Toshl Finance. It considered as the best budget app for teens. It is not really as fancy as the rest of the budgeting apps for teens on our list, however, you will find its simplicity very attractive. A user can easily establish his spending limit and subtract different expenditures.

3. Manilla

It is sort of a digital folder and service for paying bills. Manilla allows its users paying bills and track spending. The app is very easy to use and you will be amazed by its efficiency.

On top of that, customized alerts will help you not to miss the deadline on your upcoming payments.

4. Mint

Mint is a well-known personal finance app the usefulness of which has been acclaimed by popular personal finance advisors and companies alike. Once you connect your personal accounts, credit cards, and small online loans, you will get super easy access and tracking at your fingertips.

5. BillGuard

personal finance apps
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This one is really interesting as it will lift the veil on so-called “grey” charges and create a transparent financial situation for its users.

When a hidden expense is highlighted, you can stay on top of your personal finance and not get caught out by sneaky charges (such as monthly fees, auto-renewal fees, membership fees, etc.) out of the blue.

6. Debt Payoff Planner

It is one of the best budgeting apps for young adults. From the name of the app, it is obvious that it helps you plan to pay off your debts. Debt Payoff Planner helps to track customization by highest debt, interest or balance.

One more great feature of the app is that it can design a project of when the debt will be paid off given the details of the repayment plan and interest rates.

7. Saving Spree

FYI, it is this app is the winner of the Parents’ Choice Gold Award. Everyone will find it entertaining as it is designed as a game. The game will teach you that all small purchases throughout the day, week and moth add up, and vice-versa, small savings made with consistency count.

The most appealing aspect of Saving Spree is its subtle focus on risks and rewards all in the name of educational entertainment.

8. Smarty Pig

It is high time to set financial goals and the app will let you teen-age kids do that. The goal will be updated as benchmarks are met.

What makes it different from all the rest money apps for teens is that you can actually contribute toward friends and family members’ concrete goals.

The concept of these budget apps for young adults is so amazing that any adult can take advantage of them. We all know that it is never too late to learn. Stay on top of your finance with these wonderful personal finance apps!