How We Work

PayDaySay is at present one of the leading service providers in the financial sphere. Our company is not a direct lender.

We have a wide network of cooperating service providers and our customers can benefit from the best loan-matching mechanism in the sphere of personal borrowing and business crediting.

Payday loans are the quickest and the easiest way possible to get money for various needs urgently. Payday loan is a fast fix for whatever money issues you have: a bill for a car repair, a hospital bill or a hole in the budget to be covered. Let’s see how these pay day advances work today.

“Faxing of papers may be demanded,” and “Credit Pull may be conducted.” Later, your site must not demonstrate that the entire borrowing process will be totally done online – clients must be aware that occasionally the borrower may need to visit the nearest physical storefront location to finish the loan request process.

The Benefits

  • You don’t have to make an appointment with your financial advisor or stand the long line at the bank.
  • You provide less paperwork than at a regular bank.
  • The approval wait time is minimum.
  • The application process is fast and stress-free.
  • Your personal and banking information is SSL-protected.
  • Direct interaction with the lender.

How to Apply for a Loan

Get to the gap-fill application form and and input your information. Now you’re a few minutes away from negotiating on the loan terms with the lender.

how to take a loan

  • Step one: write your personal and contact information.
  • Step two: provide your employment details.
  • Step three: specify your bank account details.

Enjoy the result!

Make sure you have provided accurate information for the lender to contact you as soon as possible. Your employment details will serve as the sign of your credibility and the ability to pay the loan back. Your bank account details are needed for the lender to transfer money to you directly once you’ve been granted a loan.

How to Secure Yourself

Remember that we don’t give out loans. We simply represent the app that connects you with the best lenders to assist your financial needs.

In order to be sure of your information safety and non-disclosure, please read the terms and agreement carefully.

Also, before closing up the deal with the lender, read the fine print thoroughly. This way you’ll be aware of the interest rate, the APR and the late repayment fees that the lender may charge.

How to Repay the Loan Appropriately

The lenders are extremely open about terms they issue a loan on. Your task is to study all the information on the loan repayment terms before you sign the agreement with the lender.

The loan repayment is conducted in two ways. To make things easier, an automatic withdrawal of the loaned sum from your bank account can be arranged. Or, you can cover the loan amount with a postdated check. Negotiate on the loan repayment conditions with your lender early on.

Remember that late loan repayment has its consequences. The more you prolong the repayment the bigger the interest rate is going to get. Use this information to your advantage and try not to pay more than you owe.

Check our FAQ for more information about the process.

Take Advantage of our Service

Our company cooperates with reputable online loan providers. However, we are totally independent, which allows us to concentrate our energy and efforts to serve and satisfy our customers.

Feeling safe online is absolutely critical, that’s why we use a certain protected connection. PayDaySay sets it as a top priority to secure the privacy of its clients. Our customers’ personal data is only accessible to the provider he is matched with and it’s explained clearly in our privacy policy.

Facilitating our clients with perfect deals is our main aim and mission. We operate round-the-clock to make the service available at any time. Know more about PayDaySay and get rid of any doubts. Start your application!