Payday Loans in Missouri

Payday Loans in Missouri

Need Money Fast?

You are in the right place if you reside in Missouri and need finances to sort out an emergency. We will tell you all you need to know about applying for and obtaining online payday loans in the state. The process is relatively simple and swift.

First, we will discuss some of the best Missouri online payday lenders and then walk you through different aspects of the loan. No stone will be left unturned, from the amount to the rates and simple calculations you can do. Let’s begin with the best MO payday loans available for you today.

Best payday loans in Missouri

If you are ready to take out a cash advance today, then check out our selection of the best lending services below:



PaydaySay is an established digital matchmaking service company with a widespread presence across the US. Its services are solely web-based, hence the absence of physical in-store service. Taking the lending business digital has its perks, of course. Regarding amounts you can borrow with PaydaySay, the service is available from $100 to $1000. Apply, and the creditors will fund your bank account directly. However, according to the local laws, the highest you can borrow is $500. The application process is swift and also requires a little documentation. Once complete, PaydaySay will match you with the creditor or lending service with the best rates for you. Then, the creditor will send an approval letter to you and fund your account. PaydaySay does not only match you with the most suitable creditor but also has several articles to educate you about borrowing. Indeed, getting an advance with the company will improve your financial intelligence.

Americash Loans

AmeriCash Loans Americash is one company with a reputable framework to give you money when needed. The lending service has been operating since 1997, gathering decades of experience in the sector. Today, it has 63 physical locations in the USA. You can reach one of its locations at 1842 S Glenstone Ave Springfield. If that is not favorable to you, it has a digital application portal that can deliver the money instantly. Americash can fund you from $100 to $2,500, but the amount depends on the local regulations, which is $500 max in this case. Aside from that, you will have no hassles getting funds from the company. Before applying, get your verified bank account, proof of income, and valid driver’s license or ID ready. These are the requirements for obtaining a short-term advance. Americash offers excellent service and is well-versed in the workings of the sector. It is worth every moment of your time.

Western Shamrock

Western Shamrock Loans Western Shamrock is a reputable company with extensive financial services across the United States. It has over 200 branches nationwide, making finding a location free of challenges. Speaking of locations, the company has a center at 2307 S. Campbell Ave. in Springfield. However, it began operations in 1965 in Lubbock, Texas. You can tell from its long years of operation that it is an experienced creditor.

Western Shamrock offers lending services like every other lending company in the region. It can lend up to $1,500 to applicants. However, you can only obtain up to a $500 short-term advance because of the governing laws.

You can walk into the physical company or get everything through the internet. Requirements include basic personal information, but you must declare that you are not in active service. Professionalism, honesty, and customer service that is second to none are the hallmarks of this company.

Advance America

Advance-America Advance America provides cash advances with some of the best rates among other financial services. It does not stop at lending money but also aims at helping customers navigate their finances to financial stability. Advance America has operated in the USA for 24 years and has over 1000 locations. You can reach the company through its 51 centers, including 3548 S. Campbell Ave., Springfield.

Advance America offers cash advances up to $500 with a competitive APR of 495.35%. Repayment is through the ACH payment system, so keep that in mind. Also, terms range from 14 days to 31 days.

You can apply for payday loans online Missouri state through the digital platform without worrying about credit checks. The application process is easy, and the approval is swift. This company’s stellar services have won many positive reviews from users. If you are looking for quick and easy cash advances, Advance America is one of the places you should try.

EZ Money

EZ Money Online  EZ Money has a license from the Division of Finance under CSR 408.500.1 and 408.510. For that reason, it is certified under the law to issue cash advances and other types of credit. This company is primarily an installment loan provider but has an expanded array of services. The in-store location is 2640 E 32nd St, Ste 7, Joplin, MO 64804, United States. EZ Money will assess your income level before deciding on the amount it can offer. Nevertheless, the amount will not exceed $500, as the local lending law allows.

EZ Money’s advances are available for two to four-week terms, and you can use the online application for quick imbursement. Requirements include valid identification, personal details, income information, and an active checking account.

Try out the company if you are looking for competitive rates and stellar customer service, digitally or in-store.

The first question on your probably is whether getting payday loans online Missouri state is legal. You are right to ask to be on the safe side of the law. That being said and done, there are no laws that ban these advances in the region. You can go right ahead and apply for one, either digitally or in-store. The digital process might be quicker considering the absence of a physical queue. Regardless, the money will show up as soon as you get approval. Currently, Missouri law allows licensed creditors to offer advances under certain restrictions. The regulations are fair and flexible, and applicants can borrow up to $500.

Why might you need Missouri payday loans?

It is not unusual for some people to be short on money in-between paychecks. This situation could be due to the overwhelming financial demands they have had to sort out. Then, to save yourself, you need a short-term burst of cash. People have different reasons for applying for Missouri or other states online loans in Texas state, but it is not usually far from the following:

  • Quick home repairs: No matter how durable, houses are not immune to damage now and then. It could be a leaking roof, broken plumbing, or even a fire outbreak. Often, people do not keep cash lying around when such incidents occur.

That is when Missouri online payday loans step in to save the day.

  • Debt Consolidation: One of the primary reasons people take out this credit is debt consolidation, especially if they fall behind on repayment.

If your condition is not dire, you are better off not taking a Missouri payday loan online. Instead, go for options with lower rates and extended terms.

Terms for payday loans in Missouri

Getting payday loans from Missouri online lenders has peculiarities different from other loans. Knowing them is advantageous, as you will have better knowledge before applying for one. The MO state law provides some of the best conditions for obtaining Missouri payday loans online. You will know the allowable amounts, terms, and rates. As a result, you can effortlessly spot a creditor that has gone beyond the regulations. Aside from spotting defaulting creditors, you will also weigh your options better before settling. Let us begin with the loan amount, as this is the primary consideration in obtaining an advance.

Loan Amounts

The amount you borrow is not the same as the one you will pay back. Usually, the repayment is higher than the initial credit because of interest rates and other charges. Let us assume you have assessed your situation and know the amount you want to borrow. The law in MO state allows for amounts between $50 and $500. You can borrow any amount in-between, but you cannot go above or below the stipulated values. Even payday lenders that operate outside the region will have to adhere to the regulations in this aspect. Incorporated into the original amount is the finance charge. With it, you can calculate the annual percentage rate (APR) to make a better choice, as you will see shortly. Nevertheless, note late fees and other charges that may come in. So, as a rule of thumb, borrow the amount you know your next paycheck will cover comfortably. Doing otherwise could result in more expenses.

Loan Terms

Repayment terms could pose a challenge if you do not make proper assessments. Remember that getting payday loans online Missouri state comes with short periods. The longest you can go is 31 days, which is one month. While that is one option, you are OK with borrowing for two weeks (14 days). The law allows for this range but prohibits anything less or beyond. In addition, creditors will deduct the amount using the ACH network on the due date.   Missouri payday loans online usually have high rates, with some crossing 600%. The loan term is crucial, considering such high figures. After all, you do not want to incur a higher debt than your next paycheck. What if you don’t meet up with repayment? While it is not unsalvageable, strive to talk to the lender beforehand. That doesn’t guarantee your troubles will go away, but you might get some relief as you push to repay the loan.

Loan Rates

The interest rate for a Missouri payday loan online can cause headaches, especially if it is high. There is a cap from the state government, without a doubt, but most lenders will want to go as high as possible. On the plus side, the presence of many creditors is healthy competition that can lead to lower rates. The maximum charge from the MO authorities is $75 for a $100 credit. Let us show you how you can use this rate to calculate the APR for your amount. The first step is to get the charge for the year, and it looks like this: (75/100) * 365 (days) = 273.75. If you are borrowing for 14 days, then the APR becomes: (273.75/14) * 100% = 1955%

Pros and Cons of Payday Loans in Missouri

Are payday loans online Missouri state all good? Of course not, but what brings the downsides is not solely the fault of the government. However, that does not mean there aren’t good sides to obtaining credit there. The absence of prepayment fees has made Missouri online payday loans the go-to option for many. This flexibility favors quick repayments, especially for those who want to get it over and done. You will also enjoy the absence of credit checks. So, there are still opportunities to get money, even if your credit rating is poor, at least from most of the creditors. It is not all sweet and perfect, as there are cons as well. Getting this advance often involves giving access to your bank account with the ability to deduct the money when due. This scenario could leave you facing another financial crisis if you have not adequately prepared for it.

What will Missouri payday loan cost?

Before applying for and getting an advance, know how much you will have to pay back after the term. While most digital creditors have loan calculators on their websites, you can do the calculations yourself. You can determine the amount from the APR and interest period using the method shown below. Conversely, you can also calculate the APR from the amount and charge.

Let’s say you took out $200 with a fee of $50 over 30 days. To get the APR, we must get the yearly charge first, as follows:

(50/200) * 365 days = 91.25.

Then, the APR calculation for 30 days is as shown below:

(91.25/30) * 100% = 304%.

With this annual percentage rate, you can determine costs over different periods within 30 days. Knowing this will be helpful when researching for the best digital or in-store rates. Remember, taking the advance is to solve a financial emergency and not to throw yourself into a debt cycle. Review rates, run the numbers yourself, or use the website calculators to get the most suitable cost.

Missouri payday loans if the Credit Rating Is Poor

You might wonder, how do I get a Missouri payday loan online if my credit rating is poor? Credit scores are crucial for other types of advances. Moreover, it is one way to tell how your performance has been with previous creditors. First, most Missouri online payday lenders do not bother with credit checks. As far as the law allows, they are willing to give you the money while banking on the rates to profit. As a result, you can still find a creditor to borrow money from, even with a poor credit rating. If a poor credit history does pose a challenge, you can always turn to other sources like credit unions. These bodies will not only give you the money, but they will also assist in upgrading your scores if you pay it back promptly.

What are alternatives to Missouri payday loans?

Payday loans online Missouri state are not always the best solution to a need for quick cash. Other alternatives may serve the situation better while easing the financial stress on you. They are:

  • Personal loans: This advance is safer and has more flexible payment options. You can get the money within a day or two. However, getting this credit requires a good credit rating.

Most sources will not fund you if they see poor credit history. However, personal credit is best if you need an extended repayment plan. You can spread the payments over several months.

  • Home equity loan: You are better off taking this advance if a financial emergency concerns your home. Creditors will be happy to fund you, provided you meet specific requirements.

These requirements include a steady income, a good credit score, and a low debt-to-income ratio. Home equity is a good alternative that offers competitive rates. As discussed above, it is not all situations where you need a payday advance. You can opt for these alternatives to get a more competitive rate and a flexible payment plan.


Emergencies are often out of our hands, but we do not have to take the blow for them. A short-term advance provides the quick cash we need to sort them out in a short time.   The law allows a maximum of $75 for $100 over 14 days (about 2 weeks), which could translate to APRs in the hundreds or thousands. Thankfully, you have several lending services, including PayDaySay, that you can compare for the best rates.   After borrowing, be intentional about paying the money back. Talk to your creditor, if necessary, or try more flexible and direct alternatives like home equity credit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking out this advance primarily depends on the need you have to meet. However, you should also consider your ability to repay. Weigh the charges and rates before applying and obtaining them.

Remember, other alternatives are more flexible and have lower rates. So, always weigh your options before picking one.

You cannot get this advance without APR because MO law mandates creditors to give money with it. However, you may find lower rates as most sources will likely reduce their rates to stay competitive.

Leverage the competition and take your time to research which creditor has the best rate that suits you.

You can take out as many as you want, provided it suits your needs. However, you risk engulfing yourself in a financial crisis. Only do that if you are confident of paying them back.

Another option you can try is roll-over. The laws allow for roll-over for up to six months.

The law does not prohibit or stop people from getting this advance, but it has guidelines and rules. The regulations cover the amount, term, and rates, including the annual percentage rate.

So, while you can get an advance, there are limits to the amount, period, and charges.

Creditors can take criminal action against you if they perceive that you are being fraudulent with the repayment. This approach could lead to dire consequences for you, hence the need to repay the amount on time.

However, if you cannot meet, you can talk to them beforehand to seek relief.

The authorities allow companies to take regulated remedial actions, including wage garnishment if they fail to repay their advance. Furthermore, they can garnish 25% of your disposable earnings directly from your employer.

To do that, they need a judgment creditor’s wage garnishment order to tap into your income.

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