Payday Loans in New Mexico

Payday Loans in New Mexico 

Need Money Fast?

All of us have had unexpected situations that have forced us to borrow money or take out credit. But getting a loan from a bank is not an option available to every person in the U.S., especially if one needs money right now or has a bad credit history.

Usually, people try to get short-term credit in this situation, but what if payday loans online in New Mexico are prohibited by law? What are the alternatives, and what are the conditions for obtaining them? That’s what we want to talk about in this article.

Best Payday Loans in New Mexico

Even though the law prohibits payday loans online in New Mexico, you can still get a small credit from many financial institutions. It will not be specifically this type of borrowing because usually, payday loans are given for up to one month in the amount of $500. According to local laws, the minimum period for repayment must be 120 days.

Let’s look at companies you can get money from with services similar to payday loans online in New Mexico.


paydaysay loans

It’s one of the most well-known platforms where you’ll definitely find the right loan. PayDaySay is a free application with hundreds of verified and reliable lenders ready to give you money.

Receiving funds through the platform works on a simple principle:

1.First, you fill out a form with your personal information (first name, last name, age, citizenship, address, purpose of the credit, income).

You do not need to do it every time to get money from different creditors; you just register once in the application.

2. If you fit the company’s requirements (you are a US citizen, over 18, officially employed), creditors start sending you offers.

You’ll never need to surf the web to determine each lender’s loan terms. Instead, you just open the app and see all the offers that are available to you.

3. You choose a credit that suits you, and sign an agreement with the provider.

Be sure to read the contract carefully because that is where all the loan parameters will be specified. The platform does not set a fixed amount, rate, or term for paying the money.

4. The funds come into your bank account within 30 minutes. 

Sometimes, receiving the money can take a few hours, especially if it’s your first credit on the app, but no more than one day.

This app is excellent for those who want to save time comparing offers from different creditors. For example, if you search for this information yourself, you’ll find that many companies don’t list their loan terms until you fill out the form, which is very inconvenient.

With PayDaySay, you just fill out the form once, and then you just get offers. For more information about payday loans online in New Mexico, visit the company’s website.


In this application, you can get a credit of $200 to $3,500 at a maximum annual interest rate of 175%. The minimum repayment period is four months, and the average is 18 months. You will have to repay the money every time you receive your paycheck – bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or weekly.

The main advantage of this app is that you can get installment or payday loans online in New Mexico in one day. In addition, it is not just an intermediary platform but a financial institution that sets all loan terms and solves problems if they arise.

However, the credit history check is most people’s main disadvantage and obstacle. You won’t get money through this organization if you have a bad credit rating.

The company does not have an offline office, so if you want to get New Mexico payday loans online or similar credit, you can apply online.

Chime Instant Overdraft UP


If you already have a Chime Bank account, you can instantly use this service and get $20 to $250 on your card. If you don’t already have a bank account, this service will not be available.

How does it work? 

When you run out of money in an account that you actively use daily, you can request Instant Overdraft UP from the bank. This money is issued for up to 30 days at 0% APR.

For whom is it suitable? 

This is the right option if you can’t get New Mexico payday loans online and need to cover debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals.

Overall, it is an excellent financial solution since you do not have to pay interest on credit. However, only people with a Chime account that has received more than $200 in direct transfers in the last 34 days can use this service.

Check`n Go

The company provides credit throughout the U.S., both offline and online. To get money, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  1. Phone number.
  2. ID or driver’s license.
  3. Proof of income.

If you meet all the company’s criteria and are satisfied with the terms of the credit, you can sign the contract online and get the money into your bank account or pick it up at the store at 3030 E Main St Ste A-14 Farmington, NM 87402.

You cannot get a New Mexico payday loan online with this organization because it only provides installment loans, which are allowed by law. The minimum amount of such a credit is $500, the maximum is $5000, and it is granted for 120 days at an APR of up to 175%.

The company checks your credit history to decide on granting the funds. You will receive the money within one business day if your application is approved.

Lend Nation

You will not be able to get a New Mexico payday loan online from this company, but they provide a similar service, Instant debit card funding.

All you need to do to take advantage of it is to provide basic information about yourself and fill out an online application. If you meet all of the company’s requirements (U.S. residents over 18, officially employed, and earning $1,000 or more per month), you can get the money in 30 minutes to your bank account or pick it up at the store at

423 W Broadway Ste B, Farmington NM, 87401

This option is suitable for people with poor credit scores, but it is also the most expensive. The interest rate on this credit can be as high as 300%, with a term of one month to a year.

Similar credits were legal in NM until 2017. However, they are now banned; moreover, the state has restrictions on all short-term loans:

  • The size is up to $5,000.
  • The minimum repayment period is 120 days, and at least four equal payments are required.
  • The maximum rate is 175% APR.

However, some creditors try to bypass the law by calling the loans with other words or providing them online.

You should understand that the ban on such credits also applies to people who want to receive them. Therefore, if you have the option of not taking New Mexico payday loans online, do so.

Why Might You Need New Mexico Payday Loans?

Usually, people apply for such loans because of an urgent need for money and a lack of alternatives.

Besides, these loans are popular among people with bad credit history. Imagine that you need money urgently, and the bank refuses to give you cash – of course, you will be ready to go to a financial organization that deals with microcredit and obtain funds from it.

In addition, credits with a reasonable interest rate are usually secured, meaning that the borrower must provide collateral to get them. People who do not want to use this option or do not have suitable collateral prefer to turn to payday lenders.

Another reason Americans use these short-term credits is the speed at which they can get the money. For example, you can talk to a creditor for months until they agree to give you cash at a standard interest rate, or you can simply get a New Mexico payday loan online in one day.

In conclusion, we want to say that even though such credits seem to be an easy way out of difficult situations, this is not always the case, especially in states where they are prohibited. In addition, the interest rate on such a credit can be 10 to 20 times higher than any other loan, so it is much harder to pay back.

Use such borrowing as a one-time emergency solution, but not on a long-term basis.

Terms for Payday Loans in New Mexico

As we have said, such credits are forbidden in the state. However, you should understand that financial institutions don’t want to stop profitable activities and call these same loans in other ways to continue operating.

You need to know what terms for short-term credit are legitimate. So let’s look into each of them.

Loan Amounts

At NM, you can get short-term credit ranging from $100 to $5,000. So how do you choose exactly how much you need? We have some tips:

1.Determine the exact purpose of the borrowing. 

Do you have to pay your utility bills or fix your car? Make a student loan payment or buy food? The purpose of the loan determines how much you need.

2. Calculate the minimum amount you need. 

For example, you know you want to get your car fixed, and you need $400 to do it. However, is the financial institution offering to lend you up to $1,000? Maybe you should take it and get one loan that can cover unexpected expenses.

3. Add another 15% to that amount.

Unforeseen expenses may arise, and getting another credit to cover them will be very difficult. However, this is not a reason to use all the credit limits available.

The more money you borrow, the more interest you will pay. If you borrow the $400 and need 15% for unexpected expenses at an APR of 150%, you’ll pay $230 fees over four months. If you borrow all the available $1,000, you will pay $500 for the same four months.

Try to choose the minimum loan amount + 15% for incidental expenses to give less money to financial institutions.

Loan Terms

The minimum time for short-term credit in New Mexico online and offline is 120 days. We recommend choosing the lowest possible loan term because the longer you use the financial institution’s money, the more you have to pay for it.

For example, $500 at 100% APR could cost you $166 if you take it for four months or $500 for 12 months.

Loan Rates

By law, short-term credit in New Mexico online and offline must have an APR of no more than 175%. Generally speaking, this is one of the principal loan parameters you must consider.

The lower the APR, the less of your money you will give to the financial institution.

For example, a loan of $1000 for four months at 100% APR will cost you $333, while the same amount at 175% will cost you $583.

Pros and Cons of Payday Loans in New Mexico

Since such credits are banned in the state, they and their analogs have not many advantages:

  • First, you get the money quickly, within one business day.
  • Many organizations do not conduct a credit history check if you take out a high-interest loan.

However, we found a lot more disadvantages:

  • Such loans are forbidden by law, which means lenders may call it differently and try to offer you unfavorable terms.
  • If a creditor cheats you by offering you a payday loan, you will have difficulty going to court and explaining what happened.
  • The terms of short-term credits established by state law are entirely disadvantageous.
  • Because the loan rate must be 175%, many financial institutions only give money to people with a good credit history.

The main problem is that compared to the APR of 450%, which is set by law in other countries, the APR of 175% for loans in New Mexico online and offline is favorable. However, it is not.

If you usually borrowed $500 for 30 days at the maximum APR of 450% (usually even less), you were paying back $184 fees for that term. Now, when you borrow the same $500 for 120 days at an APR of 175%, according to state law, you pay a $291 fee. So the cost of credit goes up.

To summarize, payday loans and similar short-term credits in NM are profitable only if you have a good credit history and the bank offers you a low interest rate, up to 36% APR.

What will the New Mexico payday loan cost?

To calculate how much credit will cost you, you must consider its terms, amount, and interest rate.

1.Next, you can use a calculator on the website where you’re going to take out credit, or you can count manually using our plan: 

Find out exactly how much interest you’ll pay on your loan.

For example, your APR is 120%, and your loan term is six months. Since the APR is an annual rate, you need to divide it by 12 months and then multiply it by the six months during which you must pay off the loan.

You will end up with 120% / 12 * 6 = 60%.

2. Calculate how much interest you will pay in dollars. 

To do this, you need to multiply the loan amount by the interest you will owe over the credit term and divide it by 100%.

For a $500 credit, you can calculate it like this:

60% * $500 / 100% = 300$

The total amount of your loan is $300, but remember that you need to add the original $500 that you borrowed to it. So you will only have to pay back $800 in 6 months.

New Mexico Payday Loans if the Credit Rating Is Poor

You can get a short-term loan in NM even if you have a bad credit score. However, it is essential to understand that not all financial institutions will be ready to lend you money.

If you want to look at all the options you have with a poor credit score; you can use the PayDaySay platform or its equivalents. This will help you not just look at the theoretical rules but also understand which creditors are ready to work with you.

And if you haven’t found a short-term loan available to borrowers with a bad credit history, you can use one of the alternatives.

What are Alternatives to New Mexico Payday Loans?

Since payday loans are unsecured and do not require collateral, the alternative to them would be any loans with collateral. For example, auto title credits, where you provide your car as collateral, or deposit credits, where you are given an amount equal to the deposit amount in your account.

Another way to get a loan is to join a credit union. If you are a member, you can explain your situation and get a small amount of money for a low interest rate, usually up to 15% APR.

The final and best solution is to ask your employer to pay you a couple of weeks early. Remember that any loan must be repaid, and you must pay for it. However, if you get money from yourself, you won’t pay interest and won’t risk your credit history. This option should be a first for anyone who can take advantage of it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not recommend that you take out such loans in NM. First, they are prohibited by law. Secondly, even similar credits are available in the state on very unfavorable terms, so it is better to avoid them. 

No, you can get interest-free money through services like Chime’s Instant Overdraft Up. However, it is crucial to understand that the amount of such “credit” is usually minimal – no more than $250, and you can spend this money only on certain expenses. 

You cannot get this particular type of credit in the state because they are prohibited by law. However, as for all short-term loans, there are no specific restrictions; only lenders state that they do not make more than one loan to the borrower simultaneously. 

No, such credits have been banned in the state since 2017. New Mexico lawmakers have been at war with payday lenders since 1950 and finally passed laws prohibiting such activity.  

If you got a payday loan in the state, the lender could not complain about you in court because it is an illegal activity. However, if the name of the credit is different, they will be able to sue you for default. 

No creditor or debt collector can garnish wages without court permission. However, if the court gives permission, your wages can only garnish up to 75% of your disposable earnings within that pay period. 

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