Payday Loans in Florida

Payday Loans in Florida

Need Money Fast?

Floridians may enjoy an excellent quality of life because of the state’s mild climate and diverse cuisine. However, it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. When you least expect it, additional bills might catch you by surprise.

You might ask for payday loans online Florida state to handle unexpected bills or urgent purchases. The principle is usually a percentage of your upcoming salary. Therefore, short-term credit in FL might be the only choice for those with no or weak credit. 

Best Payday Loans in Florida

You might be somewhat lost and not know where to look for the offers. The list of the best 5 Florida payday loans online is an excellent place to start. All the companies mentioned provide simple, easy-to-use application sites that may help you save time and pick the best option.

1. PayDaySay


paydaysay loans


PayDaySay is a great place to apply for same-day cash. You can apply for money help easily in FL online. You can get up to $5,000 credit, depending on your current financial objectives.

The software can help you find a lender who would agree to give you credit. That way, you can get as little as $100 and as much as $5,000. You only need your passport, address, and phone number to get cash. Once you’ve submitted an application, you’ll be contacted by some reputable businesses with different offers.

The high amount of good comments about this service is compelling enough to use and recommend it. If you’re looking for a mobile cash app, this one is an excellent option to get a Florida payday loan online.

2. Lending Bear

For more than 30 years, Lending Bear has provided money solutions throughout Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, and Tennessee. Thus, the company offers a variety of lending products in Florida online. 

Getting money help without a credit check is simple if you’re rushing. The maximum amount you can borrow is $500. However, it’s possible to get a $1,000 credit. Taking out a short-term credit for more than 30 days in the state is illegal. The length of an installment for a Florida payday loan online might vary from 60 to 90 days.

Lending Bear has a five-star BBB rating and a 4.9-star Google rating based on more than 5,600 reviews. The website is suitable for those in a rush since light-speeding transactions may be completed in 15 minutes.

3. Check into Cash

Since 2000, Check into Cash has been one of the trusted lenders of payday loans. In addition to a Florida payday loan online, they provide in-store services. Because of this, there are three locations throughout FL. The Florida Office of Financial Regulation granted a Check into Cash license.

You can borrow between $50 and $500. There are no pitfalls with their terms and costs. Because rollovers aren’t permitted, the credit will always be due in 31 days as planned. For a 14-day cash help, the APR ranges from 286% to 391%. Finally, customers who can’t pay back during the grace period have 60 days to do so.

This company takes great pleasure in regularly meeting and exceeding the needs of its clients. Lenders are similarly concerned about making things as easy as possible for their customers. You can get your application accepted in a few minutes. So, it’s suitable for those who need money help fast.

4. Advance America

Advance America is possibly the most easily accessible lender in the United States, particularly in Florida. With 193 locations, Advance America is a great choice for anyone looking for Payday loans online Florida state. You can apply via the Internet or in person at one of the company’s locations. 

You can get a Florida payday loan online of up to $500 with a payback period of 31 days. The APR ranges from 133% to 39%, depending on the length of the credit. Payday money help in FL isn’t allowed to be rolled over. So, you must repay the whole amount when the credit is due.

You can apply for money help easily. Every step is completed in less than 15 minutes because you provide only basic information. Regardless of your money help option, you won’t go wrong. This lender’s in-store and Florida payday loans online are both outstanding. 

5. Amscot Cash Advance

Amscot is available in 171 locations across the FL state. This vendor offers both online and in-store cash advances. You can borrow between $50 and $500, regardless of whether you choose to apply in-store or via the Internet. All credits are available for 7 days or less and may be extended up to 31 days. 

For a 14-day application, the APR comes out as 271%-365% after factoring in the credit’s term and all associated expenses. If you can’t pay back your debts within the agreed timeframe, you can get a 60-day grace period to make up the difference.

Rather than a financial institution, Amscot sees itself as a community member. Keeping in mind that crises might happen at any moment, they own part of their stores open around the clock. In addition, this lender is known for providing only the highest quality customer service. Therefore, anyone can get fast and safe money help.

A short-term credit, popularly known as a payday loan, is lawful in FL. However, the government takes preventative measures and has implemented some limits to minimize the risk of abusing the service. 

Maximum lending amount $500 for a single payment and $1,000$ for installment credits
Minimum lending term 7 days for a single payment and 60 days for installment credits
Maximum borrowing length 31 days for a single payment and 90 days for installment credits
Maximum fee 10% of an amount and $5.00 verification fee
Maximum ARP From 130% to 782%
Rollovers Not permitted

Individuals can’t take out more than one Florida payday loan online simultaneously. All borrowers are placed in the Deferred Presentment Transaction System while submitting for payday loans online Florida state. That’s why every licensed lender is required by law to check this system. If the latter is already listed there, they must deny the application.

Why Might You Need Florida Payday Loans?

Have you ever been short on funds and unable to get help from your friends or loved ones? It’s a horrible experience. Payday loans might be the only answer when problems appear overwhelming. There are many instances when applying for payday loans online can be a good option:

  • Urgent bills like recurrent bills, rent, mortgage, and other similar obligations
  • With a short-term credit, you may get new appliances, a cell phone, a car, and other things
  • To buy what you need while still having money in your pocket, you may take short-term financial help

Although there are significant benefits of a Florida payday loan online, you may be trapped in the circle of debt. When people can’t pay them on time, they’ll likely get another load of payday loans. So, plan your budget and repay the credit as soon as possible.

Terms for Payday Loans in Florida

Florida is one of the numerous states with restrictions that limit but don’t prohibit short-term cash credit. Payday loans online Florida state doesn’t allow rollovers, and the finance fees are capped, yet this still allows for APRs in the triple digits. Take a look at a more in-depth description of how their regulations function.

Loan Amounts

Payday loans online are legal in Florida. According to the law, they’re referred to as “delayed presentment” and “deferred presentment installment.” There are some limits regarding the amount you can get. $500 is the maximum amount.

Legally, you may only deposit a check with a lender with a face value of $500, minus any financing costs. A maximum of $1,000 may be borrowed in an installment payday credit with a payback period of 60 to 90 days.

You can use online payday loans if you have a stable job and need money for unexpected bills or similar stuff. However, consider alternatives if you want to make a large purchase but don’t have a steady income. That’s because short-term money applications can risk an endless circle of debt when you don’t repay them on time.

Loan Terms 

In Florida, payback periods for payday loans online are pretty flexible. There is a 7-day minimum and a 31-day maximum for single credits. There is a 60-day minimum and 90-day maximum payback period for installment credits. When you fail on a debt, your lender may charge you a fee to prolong the due date or rollover. Because of Florida’s rollover ban, lenders can’t put you in debt right away.

Payday loans can’t be rolled over. If a borrower can’t pay back on time, the law provides a 60-day grace period with no extra fees. There’s a 24-hour cooling-off time after the money is returned before another may be taken out.

Be quick to repay your loan in order not to get trapped. Therefore, pick that offer that involves lesser money. That way, you’ll have more chances to manage your budget and repay a loan immediately.

Loan Rates

You’d pay $10 in finance charges and a $5 verification fee for a $100 short-term credit since lenders always charge the maximum amount they’re legally allowed to. Your annual percentage rate (APR) will be 391% if the payback period is extended to 14 days.


There’s a $500 maximum amount, which means you can only pay a $50 finance charge and a $5 verification fee for a total of $55. Lenders might charge you up to 8% of the remaining monthly debt if you take out an installment credit. For installment loans, lenders may still charge a $5 verification fee.

Here’s an explanation of how payday loans online work. For a $1,000 installment short-term credit, Lending Bear charges $258.06 in interest. Every two weeks, you have to pay $251.61 in five equal installments.

Pros and Cons of Payday Loans in Florida

Residents have taken out up to $3 billion in payday loans in recent years. In addition, they’ve spent approximately $3 million in fees. Particularly, senior citizens, who make up a substantial portion of the state’s population, are driving expansion in the business. Therefore, you can tell that there are some prominent pros of taking Florida payday loans online:

  • Quick and easy application 
  • Opportunity to pay for bills and make large purchases quickly
  • Unsecured loan
  • No credit checking

Although they’re convenient, online payday loans entail a high-interest rate and a high risk of being trapped in a debt cycle. It’s critical to consider the following cons before taking out a cash advance:

  • Interest rates are enormous
  • Debt traps are simple to fall into

If you don’t have any other choices, attempt to limit the usage of payday loans as much as possible. Take out just as much credit as you can comfortably repay with your next paycheck and yet have enough money to cover your basic needs.

How Much Will Florida Payday Loan Cost?

Keeping track of your payments is critical if you take out a short-term loan. You want to ensure you’re not overcharged and paying the correct amount. Calculate your credit payments by adding up your accrued interest. 

You can use a special tool to see how much you have to pay for your Payday loans online Florida state. If you want to rely on formulas and make calculations yourself, use this one to find out the APR on a payday credit:

APR = ((Loan Fee / Loan Amount) * 365) / Loan Term * 100

APR = ((45 / 250) * 365) / 14 * 100

APR = 469.29%

Another formula will show you how to calculate the interest fee:

FEE = ((Loan Amount * Annual Percentage Rate / 100) / 365) * Loan Term

FEE = (($250 * 500% / 100) / 365) * 14

FEE = $47.95

Florida Payday Loans If the Credit Rating Is Poor

Fortunately, there are no credit scores or credit history checks if you’re considering taking out a payday loan Florida online. Getting short-term credit is much simpler since the lender won’t thoroughly scrutinize your financial situation. As a result, most individuals may get 24-hour payday loans in Florida. 

However, applications may be declined by Florida online payday lenders if borrowers fail to fulfill the basic criteria. A borrower is notified as soon as a lender discovers an issue.

You can see that it’s pretty simple to apply for payday loans online and get the sum you want. So, it’s beneficial for the Florida online lenders not to do a thought check of your financial situation. However, you shouldn’t abuse payday loans since you can get only one at a time. 

What Are Alternatives to Florida Payday Loans?

Payday credits are convenient, but they’re often expensive. As a result, before applying for online payday loans, you should better consider other options if possible. The following are a few alternatives:

  • Borrow from relatives and friends. You may want to put out an agreement with your family or friends to ensure them that you will return the money. Make sure both parties are happy with the conditions of the agreement not to harm your relationships.
  • Ask for a paycheck advance from your employer. Explain precisely how you’ll return the advance, such as by withholding a portion of future wages.
  • Consider using a low-interest credit card to pay for your expenses. Low-interest credit cards may be available to those with a good credit score. Short-term money help have substantially higher interest rates than credit cards.

In the event of a financial emergency, Florida online payday credits may be your only choice for getting out of a tight spot. However, they should only be considered a last choice due to their extraordinarily high-interest rates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Because of the hefty interest rates, you should only use online payday loans as a last choice. You can get a limited sum, but interest rates are still sky-high. For instance, according to the APR formula, a $10 charge on a $100 short-term credit equals an APR of 260%. 

Credit cards, mortgages, auto credits, and others are based on an annual percentage rate. APR is the essential condition under which you take out a short-term credit. So, for every $100 you borrow, payday lenders often impose interest rates of $15-$20. That’s why it eventually may lead to excessive interest.

The state regulates the lending market, so there are some limits. In Florida, you’re only permitted to have one outstanding short-term credit. A lender should check your status in the Deferred Presentment Transaction System and approve or deny your request. To make a new application, you must pay back the previous one.

Under Florida law, individuals who borrow money from a licensed payday lender are entitled to the limits. The allowed maximum sum to take out as a short-term loan is $500. A borrower is only allowed to have one active credit at a time. A special statewide database keeps track of this.

If a borrower doesn’t manage to repay the loan, the lender has the option of taking collection action against him. In most circumstances, payday lenders have a limited period to do this. Some charges or any bad-check penalties imposed by the lender’s bank are all that may be collected from the client.

Basically, the payday credit lender can’t take criminal action against you for a bad check. At the same time, mind that a debt collector can do that. Only if a lawsuit has been filed against you may a payday lender seize your salary. Moreover, short-term loan default doesn’t warrant arrest.

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