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Requesting financial assistance online through Payday Say is totally free, you won’t face fees or charges from our company.

The operator of this website is not a lender or insurance company. We cooperate with the respectable online loan, mortgage and insurance providers and offer connecting services based on the online request form you submit. Our company helps you to be connected with the online financial services providers from our network. We don’t have any control of the terms, interest rates or fees charged by our lenders, they may vary depending on a number of factors.

Lender’s Fees and Rates

If you are connected with our cooperating lender and sent the agreement, read the contract information carefully. Check the exact terms including fees, interest rates, and other conditions. It’s solely your decision whether to continue with the request or not after the careful terms consideration.

The contract details between the customer and facility provider are not our company’s competence. Thus, if you have questions concerning the fees, charges, interest rates or other terms and conditions, contact your provider directly.

APR – Representative Range Explanation

APR means Annual Percentage Rate. This is the percentage of interest a borrower has to pay on a personal loan within the period of a year. Typically, consumers will have to pay higher interest rates if they request a smaller sum for a shorter period.

PaydaySay is not a crediting agency or a cash advance broker, so we can’t say what the exact APR for each loan request will be. A certain APR of each loan depends on the creditor.

Once the borrower is matched with the creditor and receives an offer, the creditor will mention the exact conditions of the lending contract, including the APR and any other fees and/or charges.

APR differs among creditors and this percentage depends on some criteria including the amount you want to borrow, the details you mention, the interest rate, the loan length, additional fees and charges associated with the loan, as well as other factors.

Hence, we cannot state the precise APR but we can offer a sample range that creditors might offer – from 200% to 2,290%. Everything depends on each lender as they calculate the APR of the specific lending offer.

Liability and Privacy

PaydaySay disclaims any and all liability related to consumer request or any representations delivered by the lender you are connected with. Our company secures its clients’ privacy. We use the protected connection to collect your personal information and share it with our network of potential loan providers. Our Privacy Policy explains it clearly.

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