Best Credit Cards With No Credit in 2023

Best Credit Cards With No Credit in 2023

If you have a poor or limited credit score, it must be a struggle to look for a card. The application and approval take a lot of time, and it doesn’t always work unless you meet the whole list of criteria. But we are here with the good news. You don’t need to get trapped by the search and look for credit cards on your own.

The search challenge is real because secured credit card issuers have so many requirements. But this guide will save you and give you as many as 9 opportunities to try. We’ve gathered information about the market’s top no-credit options and credit bureaus. All you need is to check the list and choose your favorites.

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Best Credit Cards For No Credit 

It must be a real challenge to find a credit card to suit your needs. The checking account requirements are truly complex, leaving the applicants with no choice of getting approved. However, there’s some good news for you. We’ve done the research and figured out the most suitable credit cards with no higher credit line needed. 

You no longer need to calculate your chances of getting a self visa credit card. It’s now as simple as that. All you have to do is look through the options list and see what positions suit you more. Do you want to win a bargain and build a decent score? Here you go with the top 9 credit card options for no credit. 

U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa® Secured Card

U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Secured Card

Are you in search of getting a credit card to rebuild your score? It’s easy to do with the U.S. Bank Cash Visa®. Why is it so appealing to the applicants? The list of perks makes these secured cards stand out and be of great use to many creditors.

It’s not very common for a secured visa credit card to have an unlimited cashback match, but this credit card features it. You can earn while using it and still build a solid credit score for credit bureaus.

  • No annual fee needed
  • 29.24% variable APR
  • Bad credit scores allowed

Why do people with no credit go for this secured credit card? The minimum credit score must be one of the main reasons to consider this card. You can also enjoy the absence of fees, the ability to earn an unlimited cashback match, or an option to choose a payment date. 



No fees are required

A security deposit is still required

You can get high cash rewards credit card 

The APR can be rather high when compared to other secured credit cards

It’s possible to choose the payment date and get a dollar for dollar match


You get your reports sent to three credit bureaus


Do you need to apply to get this secured credit card? There are definitely many perks to check and try, so if you’re desperately looking for a credit card to be approved without hours, it’s a choice to try. 

Discover it Student Cash Back

Discover it Student Cash Back

How to start your journey with a credit card from a young age? Your college time is a perfect period to consider credit card choices and find the credit bureaus for your financial operations. Discover It student cash credit card is the best means for trainees and college or university students. Why is Discover It student cash a nice option for low-experienced users? Let’s figure it out. 

  • $0 fee
  • $0-$10 APR for the first 6 months
  • 630-689 recommended credit score 

Discovering this credit card is a real treasure for students for giving away so many generous offers. What bonuses does the Discover It Student credit card issuer have? You can earn a 5% cash back on your eligible purchases at gas stations, groceries, Amazon, or restaurants, as well as an automatic 1% in all other places. 



You don’t have to pay an annual fee

Some cash rewards credit card can be complicated

Easy qualification with bad or fair starter credit card


Intro APR bonuses


Reports to three credit bureaus


Discover It student cash can send credit reports to three major credit bureaus, not get fined on their first late visa credit card payment, get cash back on all eligible purchases, and a dollar for dollar match cashback with no credit limit. It’s a marvelous opportunity for a student who doesn’t have a solid credit history or a higher credit line. 

Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card

Capital One Platinum Secured Credit Card

If you try to build your one platinum secured card or make attempts to rebuild some payment history mistakes from the past, this credit card is for you. You don’t have to bother yourself with the platinum secured credit card fees. The whole process is transparent and suits people with no credit, if you manage the platinum secured card responsibly. Here are some technical details about the credit card you may want to know. 

  • No annual fee
  • 29.74% Variable APR
  • 300-629 credit score required

You don’t need to cover a foreign transaction fee, the required credit score suits those with a poor balance on a credit report, and a starting security deposit can be as little as $49. There’s no more need to pull up all the money you have to get a refundable security deposit and receive a capital one platinum secured card. With the platinum secured credit card, the sum is quite affordable. 



You can qualify with bad or poor credit

Minimum deposit required

There are no fees included (even foreign transaction fees)

Comparatively high APR

You get a credit report to three major credit bureaus


With a flexible security deposit and an extremely low minimum capital one platinum secured credit score, this credit card is such a finding for those trying to establish credit. You can make this attempt successful without going into debt or other problems with credit card issuers. It’s all due to the favorable conditions the credit card capital one platinum secured issuer offers. 

OpenSky® Secured Visa® Credit Card

The struggle to get a secured credit card can be real if you have a limited credit history or can’t get yourself a solid credit builder account fast. However, it’s not a problem anymore with an OpenSky® Visa® provider.

You can qualify with poor payment history, get approved for having no credit builder account, and even avoid the credit check.

Doesn’t it sound great? It’s a perfect opportunity for those who struggle with the abovementioned issues. 

  • $35 annual fee
  • 21.64% Variable APR
  • 300-689 minimum credit score required

With all the benefits the credit card has, it also features some aspects clients may find inconvenient. For example, you still need to pay an annual fee and provide a security deposit. However, if you need to boost your credit building score fast or improve a savings account, this credit card is a lifesaver. 



Easily qualify with bad or poor credit

Annual fees presented

No bank account needed to qualify

Requires a minimum deposit

Your credit building check won’t be required to get approved by the credit bureaus


You will get instantly approved even with no bank account. No payment history checks are needed to get a positive answer to your request. You can progress with the provider and receive approval for their Gold position shortly after. It’s a nice choice to consider!

Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card

Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards Credit Card

Let’s take a look at another example of a credit card great for building credit or trying to boost one. With the relevant credit card reporting, you will also benefit from the cash rewards credit card and other perks throughout your journey. What’s more, there are no fees, so you can win all the cash back on your daily eligible purchases. Let’s do a credit check to see what are some of the details here: 

  • No annual fee
  • 29.74% Variable APR
  • 300-629 minimum credit building score

What’s so special about the card? The absence of fees, the ability to earn rewards and get all the cash back, and a poor minimum credit score make it a true bargain for the clients. If you want to find a way to boost your credit fast, it’s the option to go for. But are there any flaws? Let’s compare the positive and negative sides of owning the Capital One Quicksilver card.



Poor or bad credit is allowed to qualify

APR can be rather high

You can earn Quicksilver secured cash rewards that don’t expire

Bonus categories are lacking

No annual fee


Credit reports to three major credit bureaus


If you struggle with a poor score, but still badly need to get a secured card, this should be your choice. No fees, Quicksilver secured cash rewards, minimum score requirements, and rewards make the tool stand out among other options on the market. 

Navy FCU nRewards® Secured Credit Card

Navy FCU nRewards Secured Credit Card

No annual fee, a list of rewards, and a 300 credit score are required. It sounds awesome, so let’s figure out more about these credit cards. By joining the starter credit card union, you get the whole list of perks, and building credit from the ground up won’t be an issue.

Does it really have no fees? You won’t bother yourself with an annual balance transfer, foreign transaction fees, or cash advance fees. Let’s take a deeper look at the offer. 

  • No annual fee
  • 18.00%, Variable APR
  • 300-689 required credit score

What makes this credit card unique when there are so many other options online and in local bank branches? It’s a secured credit card with all the perks you could only imagine. Even with a small security deposit it still makes a huge difference to other variants. 



No fees charged

You need to be a member of the unit

Limited or bad credit makes it a true lifesaver for many

It’s required to cover the minimum deposit

You get reports to three major credit bureaus


The tool also comes with rewards which aren’t very common for secured credit cards. If you ever damaged your credit card account or you’re only at the beginning of your way to building credit, this credit card can be a real saver. 

Amazon Secured Card

Amazon Secured Card

If you fail to get an unsecured credit card, you can use this type of credit cards as an alternative until you prove your financial responsibility. It’s a great alternative for combined purchases and can help build credit. There is no annual fee, but there’s a security deposit required. What are some other pros and cons of using these Amazon starter credit cards? 

  • No annual fee
  • 10.00% fixed APR
  • Poor or no credit score 

You can send reports to the major credit bureaus, track your progress and keep an eye on the score. There are membership statement credits available. You can join the Amazon team and get cashback and some other perks while using the card. 



With responsible use, you can grade to an unsecured line

You should cover the security deposit

No annual fee included

The credit limit covers Amazon combined purchases only

You can get this credit card as an alternative if failed to get unsecured credit cards


Depending on your higher credit limit, and you will be required to invest some refundable security deposit starting from $50. It being one of the main drawbacks, this type of credit card is still packed with benefits for the users. With good behavior provided to credit card issuers, you can get upgraded within a year. That sounds like a great deal!

Discover it® Secured Credit Card

Discover it Secured Credit Card

Are you looking for a credit card without an annual fee? You’ve just found one. Being one of the best secured cards, it offers a chance to upgrade its client to a regular credit card if on time payments are provided. What are some other details one should keep in mind about the cards for no credit?

The users don’t need to provide a good or excellent score since the bar starts at 300 points. It’s the best way for you if you struggle with a credit limit and want to find a way out.

  • No annual fee
  • 10.99% intro and 27.24% ongoing APR
  • 300-629 credit score 

You don’t need to think over your credit history and visa credit card payment decisions in the past because this credit card doesn’t include any credit limit requirements. The lack of an annual fee and the credit limit cashback functions give this credit card a true advantage on the market. 



You can report to the three major credit bureaus

It’s necessary to cover a security deposit

Zero annual or hidden fees included

The ongoing APR is higher than the intro one

It’s easy to earn rewards and get bonuses


Is it worth applying for this card? Yes, it’s a game changer for those who try hard to build credit or erase the mistakes from the past and start behaving responsibly with their money from credit card issuers

Summary: Best Credit Cards For No Credit


Annual Fee


Minimum Credit Score

U.S. Bank Cash+® Visa®

$0 fee

29.24% Variable APR


Discover it Student Cash Back

$0 fee

$0-$10 APR for the first 6 months


Capital One Platinum

$0 fee

29.74% Variable APR


OpenSky® Secured Visa®

$35 fee

21.64% Variable APR


Capital One Quicksilver Secured Cash Rewards

$0 fee

29.74% Variable APR


Navy FCU nRewards®

$0 fee

18.00% Variable APR



$0 fee

10.00% fixed APR


Discover it®

$0 fee

10.99% intro and 27.24% ongoing APR


Why Is Credit History Important?

The main prerequisite to getting a credit card is to prove you’re a responsible cardholder and can manage your finances properly. And credit history is one of the 5 aspects credit card issuers consider before giving you approval or rejecting the application. 

Credit history comprises everything you deal with starting from the very beginning of your financial footing journey. If you made any mistakes, unfortunately, it’s going to be noted in credit history. However, if you work on a Visa credit card and try to refine the data and take care of your further steps, you can win some true perks with secured credit cards. 

What perks are we talking about? First of all, a solid credit history can provide you with lower interest rates and in some cases, even decrease the fee amount. The second major reason is that you take a credit builder loan or request any type of statement credit with less effort. 

Can I Get A Credit Card With No Credit?

Nevertheless, good credit history is a backbone of a stressless and prosperous financial future. There are tons of people with no credit who struggle to get those precious score points. If you’re one of them, there’s good news for you. There are still plenty of chances to get a credit card with absolutely no secured cash rewards credit. 

Many credit bureaus try to take the applicants’ side and get a credit card to those with poor cards for no credit. These opportunities are great for students who couldn’t get a chance to build a solid credit history and balance or for those trying to build credit.

Can I Get A Credit Card With No Credit

Who Should Apply For A Credit Card With No Credit 

Who are the people with no credit? There are many, but we will try to categorize them into credit cards for people from different groups. The first big group of people is students. These young adults are trying to start their financial footing and get student cash but have practically no chances to do so due to how the student cash market behaves.

But there’s no room for desperate thoughts because the number of credit cards for people is huge. If you’re at the very beginning of your student cash building credit journey, it may be a nice choice to consider secured credit card options.

What are other people who might want to consider cards for no credit? Immigrants and international students are a big chunk of people interested in this credit limit opportunity.

There are tons of cases when non-citizens struggle with some financial issues, credit history or try to cover the mistakes from the past when they weren’t very responsible with their secured credit cards. In this case, it’s best to build credit and bring it to life with the cards for no credit. 

Even though it’s rather a beneficial way for credit cards for people, those who don’t struggle with their credit score should not consider it as a choice. Why is that so? When you’re working hard on the credit history score, the slightest details can alter it or decrease the credit limit numbers. So, if you have the ability to apply and get qualified with a good or excellent score, go for it. 

Pros And Cons Of Credit Cards For No Credit 

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, it’s time to give a solid answer. The following table will give you a better vision of what it’s like to apply for a credit card with no credit mix, and why you may want to postpone this decision. 



1. The major benefit is low credit score requirements. If you have a fair balance, you still have all the chances to get a credit card and have it approved within hours. 

1. One of the biggest credit limit flaws is the secured credit cards which are most likely the suitable options for statement credit applicants. The drawback is often a security deposit. 

2. Many secured credit card providers don’t include annual fees which makes the journey even easier. 

2. The second potential flaw is the higher APR. It usually happens with low credit score requirements that the APR is higher than average. 

3. The third perk is the ability to earn more by using cashback. It’s a great way to build credit and get some money back. 

3. Sometimes there are some more minor limitations one can’t contradict when applying for the credit line option. 

We can easily infer from the table that credit line options have their good and bad sides. If you’re ready to pay a bigger APR and invest in the security deposit to build a credit history, a credit line secured credit card will be a great alternative or even a lifesaver in this journey. 

How To Get A Credit Card With No Credit 

Let’s first take a look at the requirements needed to apply for a visa credit card before we move to a step-by-step application guide. So, to get a credit card without any issues, you should be over 18 years old and be a citizen of the country. It’s important to have some sort of official income and a Social Security Number. 

These are the main requirements that apply to any type of credit card you look for. However, you may find yourself in a situation where some more details are needed. In most cases, it’s not an option for low-score applications. But beware of the fact that you may need to present some additional credit history reports or papers at the request of the credit card issuers.

Now that we know what to prepare before signing the application, let’s get into the list of steps to perform. 

  1. For starters, it’s best to start with a report credit check. Request a report and analyze what your score is. Fortunately, there are tons of credit bureaus that accept the lowest score to approve your application. 
  2. Compare the offer on the market and choose the best competitor. You should pay attention to the credit scores, annual fees, credit history requirements, APR, and additional perks such as cashback, rewards, or some other benefits. 
  3. Now it’s time to request a credit check. If this step isn’t obligatory, your task is to send the requested papers to the issuing credit bureaus, fill out the application and send it to get approved. 

The whole process can take a couple of hours, but sometimes it stretches out to a couple of days. In case of any issues, it’s always the best practice to contact the company and ask for details. There’s always a reason for your approval to be postponed. 

Credit Cards For No Credit Vs. Credit Cards To Build Credit 

People with no credit scores and not having the best credit history may feel overwhelmed with information about ways to increase their scores. Unfortunately, the options are truly limited for these people with no credit, and if you’re one of them, you must know what we’re talking about.

However, the financial industry has more account opening doors and has become inclusive for those with a complex credit history. The best thing is that you can build your credit line using no-credit starter credit cards.

Alternatives To Credit Cards With No Credit 

Credit card is one of the handiest secured cards to start your journey and build a decent score. However, it’s not the only option. It’s way better than a debit credit card because it provides additional security. But if you’re a big fan of this type of secured card, you can consider other options that also work. It also works when you simply can’t qualify for the application. 

  1. Credit builder loans. What are these? Credit builder is a type of loan you can use to build a score. They usually provide a lower interest rate and can be a great fit for credit history beginners. With a responsible attitude, you can pay off the credit builder loans fast and get a positive report in the future. 
  2. Student credit card loans. Since the credit line struggle is real for students mostly, it’s a nice choice to try. If you have student debt, you should work on it and repay it on time. It will hugely affect your future score, so it must be prioritized. 
  3. There are many tools, such as Experian Boost, that track your on time payments and assess your steps to help you rebuild the credit line

Credit cards aren’t the only way to increase your status. You don’t necessarily have to apply for a secured card since there are some more options to try. 


Are credit cards with no credit hard to get?

In most cases, these types of credit cards don’t have a wide list of requirements. You need to have a stable income or ask your partner or family member to provide some income information. It’s also important to be over 18 years old and be a citizen of the country. Poor credit scores and positive credit history are usually enough to apply for and get approved with any credit history

Can I build my credit score with credit cards with no credit?

Yes, you can pay your credit scores in such a way. There are many credit card issuers offering an upgrade feature when noticing your responsible approach to money and cards for no credit. You have all the chances to get from the poor to a good or very good score using the no-credit secured credit card only. 

Are credit cards with no credit expensive?

With this type of secured card, you will need to provide a refundable security deposit. It’s not a rule of thumb. However, many credit card issuers ask for a minimum deposit. Moreover, you should be ready for a higher APR and sometimes an additional annual fee. 

What are the risks of having credit cards with no credit?

It’s not a risky decision to get a credit card with no credit line. Your main task is to be careful with the visa credit card and not to decrease the score you own. With a proper attitude to the car, it’s easy to reach the needed limit and become an average score holder.