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Personal Finance Apps in 2023

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Budget management isn’t always easy. Furthermore, all operations connected with money often require particular attention and extra tools. Finance software can become a useful assistant in the finance management. It’s only important to pick up the right app.

There are plenty of them on the Internet. They differ as they were created for people with different tastes. In order to choose the best budgeting software, you should try at least a couple of them. Personal Money Service made a list of the most reliable and comfortable software. So, you should familiarize with them and choose the best one for you. Professionally designed programs will definitely organize and stimulate you!


Yes, as you could predict, Mint is first money software for a review. The explanation is simple – more than 20 million people around the world use it. Obviously, there are convincing reasons for this popularity:


One of the most important features of the best budget app is simplicity in use. Lots of advertising, complicated desktop, an enormous number of options – all it irritates the user. Mint creators understand this issue and created a simple design where everyone can find everything. Everything is visible on the dashboard.

10 of 8 Mint users that were interviewed by our representatives confirmed that Mint was the easiest finance software they have ever tried to use.


While creating software, Mint developers used to think the way potential users would think. They understood that our budget should contain both predictable and unpredictable expenses. We can’t say for sure how many times per month we will go out with our friends or purchase new jeans.

That’s why you can sort your categories into expenses you have to make regularly (debts, rent, bills) and expenses that can occur unpredictably (entertaining, shopping. By the way, you can use grocery saving apps as well.).

Mint makes it easy to plan short-term and long-term goals. The program will help to understand how much money you need to set aside to reach your financial goal, how much in taxes you will pay (even if you won’t pay taxes).

Mint is good. It’s good both for beginners and for those, who have already tried a couple of free personal finance software. It has lots of advantages. Speaking of the drawbacks, everyone will point them out independently.

A life will seem easier if you have a certain strategy or system.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is usually compared with Mint. These two kinds of the financial software go toe-to-toe. Still, Personal Capital is more about focusing on the entire net worth. At the same time, other types of money software tend to focus on your expenses, on the amount of money you spent against your monthly income.

So, the working principle of this free personal finance software looks like: total net worth – liabilities (mortgage, credit card, and other debts, etc.).

Nobody cares that you spent $50 more on groceries this month if your income is higher comparing to the previous month.

The main Personal Capital advantage is that it goes against the system, yet still manages to help you improve your financial life. While focusing on your assets, it doesn’t “scold” you for every extra dollar you spend. It gives preference to the growth of your income. Is it right or not? It’s up to you to decide whether this financial software suits you.


While choosing the best budgeting software, you will definitely face YNAB.

You Need a Budget is all about budgeting and it can be its advantage or a drawback (depending on what you need). It has no option to connect your mortgage or 401(k), track your total net worth, and other options that Mint and Personal Capital offer.

With YNAB you will only track your expenses – every single dollar, every single purchase. It won’t let you spend an extra dollar as Personal Capital could let.

With the help of this app, though, you can plan your further expenses and set short-term and long-term money goals.

This financial software is good for those, who want to know clearly where they spend money and for what, for those, who want to create a budget and stick to it. It was designed either to develop spending habits or for people with developed spending habits.

Choosing the best budgeting software isn’t easy as there are plenty of them for different people with different intentions. Personal Money Service considered three the most popular and reliable types of finance software. Define what you expect from the program and pick up the most suitable one.

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