Few Words About Me and How It All Started

Hi! I’m Tetiana Sheremet. I’m a web and application developer who started her “coding journey” after being retired.

Yes, you’ve read it correctly. I’ve never programmed at an early age or majored in computer science. I taught myself how to code much later in life.

Although my career path was far from coding, I have always had some passion for the way it all works. I often wondered how the websites operate, what they look like inside. There was some mystery for me. And I decided to find it out… But I had too many duties, like job, kids, home and all this everyday fuss prevented me from taking the first steps. Then I got retired and that was my chance.

I took a few lessons for starters for free. Then, I get deeper into code and programming basics. It was so engaging that I wanted to learn more and more.

So, now I can proudly say that I’m a web and application developer who made this site and the PaydaySay app! Hope you’ll enjoy using them.