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Getting paid the easy way is possible. All you need is to join our personal loan affiliate program. Everything is simple: the more leads you brings us, the more money you can make. Our affiliate program is absolutely free and takes less than a minute to apply.

Are you willing to join the team of PayDaySay – one of the leading loan-matching services available online these days? We have numerous partners cooperating with us in many countries, earning extra cash by generating traffic and placing ads. In case you want to become a part of our payday loan affiliate program and learn more about our company – read on and fill in a small application form below.

3 Steps to Our Affiliate Program

Become the Part of the Leading Company

PayDaySay is an online-based platform that connects customers with the top-notch creditors. We offer one of the best personal loan affiliate programs in the fastest expanding industry these days. There is a great demand for quick and flexible lending services. Moreover, this demand will continue to grow in the next few years which will bring even more profit.

Our company has been working for many years already and has proven to be one of the most successful and innovative online platforms which helps to boost our reputation in the sphere that keeps on developing.

Strong benefits you can use

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Quick Decision
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Electronic money transfer

We Are the Next Level of Lead Generation

We are a worldwide network of loan affiliate partners where advertisers can sell their services and lending products. We pay our affiliates “per lead”, while advertisers lower their advertising expenses receiving highly qualified leads. We never put any fees or charges for other partners to join our team.

“Pay per lead” is a phrase we use to define how our partners get paid for their services. We count only those leads that were created on a legal and active website according to our requirements. Leads that have any sort of incentives won’t be paid. There are many loan affiliate programs available these days but only real professionals can boast of having a trustworthy team and friendly atmosphere where every partner is of great value.

We hire expert managers who are ready to supervise you and help through the whole process. Each partner will get a manager to support and answer any further concerns. We strongly believe that mutual cooperation and the helpful assistance of our managers may lead to great results and overall success.

Advantages of Working with Us

  • Real-time tracking of your commissions
  • Attractive payments
  • Bi-weekly commission payouts
  • Free application
  • Work in a competitive niche
  • Up-to-date information
  • Constant support

Join Our Payday Loan Affiliate Network

Are you looking for best payday loan affiliate program? We have everything you need to generate extra income. Your cash will rapidly grow if you join us!

Our platform provides aid on several levels and finds the most reasonable lending solution for clients. There is a wide range of customized online forms. Even if you don’t have an active website yet, we provide a CMS (content management system) that will help you build a site using our templates that come for free.

We offer the best programs for our partners as well as revenue sharing products. Our platform is happy to support online both your clients and you. Rev-sharing means we will pay you as our partner a commission based on the amount of loan a new consumer takes out by clicking on your referral link.

Below is a short inquiry form for you to submit if you are ready to join our team and become one of our partners. We can ensure that the approval process won’t take long given the fact that you fill in all the details with relevant data. If your information is correct, we will send you the details on how to get in touch with your manager.

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