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Best Bad Credit Car Loans in 2023

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Among multiple loan offers, you can find a car loan being rather popular these days. The online car buying process usually precedes a certain type of credit. It’s a very common auto financing practice. However, there are still lots of questions from the borrowers. Can you get a vehicle from car dealers with bad credit scores? 

Fortunately, finance companies are open to making deals with bad credit car borrowers. If you are looking for a new car, auto lenders must be your best choice. Even with a bad credit car request, you can get decent vehicle financing. But be ready to expect higher interest rates with a bad credit car loan, as well as some more pitfalls on your way. 

Is auto loan offers good for poor credit? Most auto lenders on the market seek responsible borrowers to accept auto financing. But you should doubt it no more because we’ve gathered all the necessary information for you to apply for bad credit auto loans. Let’s make auto financing easier for borrowers with bad credit scores.

Auto Loans With Bad Credit: Best Offers 

How to find bad credit auto financing and get accepted by auto lenders with low credit score? It’s no longer an issue with the right choice of direct lenders. You can apply for a nice loan term and manageable interest charges as a cash buyer with a low credit score. 

How to find a car dealer shop and apply for a secured loan with an interest rate if you don’t have a positive credit history? It’s easy with the list of loan term offers we’ve prepared for you. You will find auto lenders that include credit reports to the three major credit bureaus, request a minimum list of personal details, and don’t charge extremely high interest rates. 

Without further ado, let’s get a car loan! Scroll down to check the list of the best bad credit loan terms, interest rates, and conditions for bad credit financing. 


Carvana Auto Loan

Let’s make ourselves acquainted with a bad credit user-car online retailer popular for its minimum credit score requirements. Being one of the best personal secured loan options for buying a car with good interest rates, an auto loan from Carvana also offers service for the vehicles it has directly on sale.

It’s a great bad credit car dealer for those who don’t like leaving a house for paperwork. Everything is done from the comfort of your home.

  • APR is 3.90-27.90%
  • Loan amount is $1,000-$100,000
  • No minimum credit score is required

Why do you need to choose this bad credit car dealer? First of all, you will get a soft credit check pre-qualification that will bring no harm to your bad credit score. It’s also a great feature to have customer service available the whole week. 

You can expect a bigger auto loan term and a lower interest rate with a co-signer since the lender offers this type of bad credit application. What’s best about the service? You can choose a car on the site, prequalify with the soft credit check, choose bad credit auto loans, and finish the bad credit deal online. 

Consumers Credit Union

Consumers Credit Union

Join the club with ease to experience the whole range of services and perks available here! Are you afraid you won’t qualify for the bad credit auto loan term with loan payments? Do you want your credit reports sent to the major credit bureaus? You can expect bad credit auto loans and flexible pre-qualifying criteria with the Consumers Credit Union. 

  • 5.49-17.54% Annual Percentage Rate
  • The minimum bad credit auto loan amount is $7,500, but there’s no maximum amount 
  • 620 credit score is required

It’s another auto lender that doesn’t require a hard credit check. The credit union is a perfect choice for those who appreciate flexibility. You can apply for the bad credit auto loan online, have a phone call or go to the physical branch in Illinois.

Borrowers can benefit from bad credit discounts, such as a discount for automatic monthly payment or discounted pricing for online services. Even with the requirement to join the club, borrowers get a lot more benefits and flexibility to apply for the desired auto loan terms and request an auto loan amount of their choice. 



Do you want to be matched? This auto loan type is best for you if you want to work with direct lenders to meet all your requirements. Does it suit low credit score borrowers? It’s a great auto loan that offers new and used car purchases for applicants with bad credit. Let’s take a look at the details and see what’s waiting for you. 

  • APR is 3.69-21.00%
  • The loan amount is $8,000-$100,000
  • The minimum credit score is 575

With MyAutoloan, you can find partners offering a soft credit check, so you don’t have to hurt your bad credit score. The good news is that you won’t find origination fees as monthly payments when applying for a bad credit auto loan. And you can also apply online without forcing yourself to visit a physical branch. 

If you prefer to have some choice, MyAutoloan is for you. Here every applicant can see multiple options, receive fast auto loan approval, check for positive credit history, and get immediate funding.

You don’t need to have a positive credit history or an excellent credit history to qualify. Check the list of bad credit lenders, prepare personal details, and you’re good to go and get auto funding.


Autopay Auto Loan

If you don’t mind cooperating with multiple lenders to have freedom of choice, Autopay can be a bad credit game changer. Here you will find suitable auto loan products and be a match for a perfect bad credit lender. It’s always better to compare the offers to get the winner in the end. This is what Autopay is known for. 

  • 1.99-17.99% APR
  • $2,500-$100,000 bad credit auto loan amount
  • 560 required credit score 

With a minimum credit score required, you can go for the large down payment and use an online calculator to get the best from traditional lenders. Multiple rate discounts, co-signing options, weekend customer service, and a flexible monthly payment date make this express stand out in its niche. 

What are some other perks of dealing with such types of bad credit car loans? With a two-day auto loan approval, you can get your money within a week. It’s still a rather fast funding period compared to the majority of bad credit auto lenders in the banking industry. 



If you consider a new car to be expensive or not needed at the moment, a used-car retailer will be the choice for you. It’s high time to switch to online services and get your bad credit auto financing online with one of the best used-car dealers for bad credit auto loans. What perks can you get here? Let’s consider some technical details and then move to the benefits. 

  • 2.95-26.00% APR
  • $500-$100,000 loan amount
  • no minimum credit score required 

With a rather low APR, small introductory auto loan amount, and no credit score required, this lender has all chances to be among the favorites of many borrowers. This type of bad credit auto loan has a pretty appealing offer making it possible to replace the financing with a better one if you find something better. 

You don’t need to visit a physical branch to upload the documents and provide on time car payments. The company makes all the processes fully digitized.

You may want to take care of the down payment. A great benefit is a handy online platform that makes auto loan management even easier and more accessible. 

Auto Credit Express

Auto Credit Express

It’s common for bad credit score borrowers to look for nice bargains online. Why do you want to use services from the company? Unfortunately, not all borrowers can take chances with traditional lenders. In this case, the company can be of great use. It’s not only best for applicants struggling with a bad credit score.

If you’ve experienced bankruptcy, there’s still a chance for you to get accepted. 

  • Minimum $20,000 loan amount 
  • 400 credit score is required 

You can be lucky and match with a lender on a common flexible loan term. The service will match you with the needed lenders so you can ask for co-signing options, such as a lower interest rate and a higher loan with bad credit amounts.

Capital One Auto Finance

Capital One Auto Refinance

If you don’t want to go blindly to the car dealers, Capital One Auto Finance is a great choice. You can research and find the needed vehicle online to prepare yourself for the dealership journey. 

  • Minimum $4,000 loan amount 
  • Available for bad credit history applicants 

Pre-qualification with a soft credit check has become a common practice among bad credit car loans, and you can use one with Capital One Auto Finance. It’s another lender offering online auto loans.

However, this time you may use an online app or website to apply for auto loans, manage the personal loan, provide a down payment, and finalize the decisions.

With no origination fee, you can get a new car with bad credit history more cheaply. There’s also an option to play with the monthly payment date and choose what is better for you. 

Summary of Best Auto Loans For Bad Credit 


Best for


Loan amount

Required credit score


auto loans for bad credit and online applications



no minimum credit score required

Consumers Credit Union

auto loans for applicants with bad credit who seek flexibility


$7,500 minimum loan amount 

620 credit score


auto loans with direct lending operators for bad credit




575 credit score


auto loans with multiple lending operators for bad credit




560 credit score


auto loans for used cars with bad credit 



no minimum credit score required

Auto Credit Express

auto loans for bad credit and applicants with a bankruptcy

not disclosed 

minimum $20,000 loan amount

400 credit score

Capital One Auto Finance

auto loans for bad credit applicants

not disclosed 

minimum $20,000 loan amount

credit score not disclosed 

Types Of Lenders That Offer Car Loans For Bad Credit 

The market is packed with offers for borrowers. If you want to buy a car with bad credit, it’s pretty easy to find the offer that suits you. Even with the handful of requirements, you can still expect a rather comprehensive list of options. What type of bad credit auto loans to choose? Let’s figure it out together. 

You can find traditional lenders, banks and credit unions, or dealerships to help you with the purchase. What are the benefits of each service for auto loans, and how do they differ in loan term conditions of their cons? It’s time to learn the true image of these lenders. 

Online Lenders

Being one of the largest groups of lenders, online services are also on top of clients’ ladder. The preferences of borrowers nowadays are pretty clear. Everyone wants to have their request offered fast. Not leaving a house has become a benefit for many, so here, online lenders come to the fore. What are the benefits of this type of lender? 

  • You can provide the initial research, compare the auto loans, and choose the best for your case. 
  • Once applied, you don’t need to go to the physical branch to upload the documents. Most lenders have these options on their apps or website. 
  • You can then manage the issues, communicate with customer support 6 days per week and solve the problems without leaving your house in most cases. 

Doesn’t it sound like a great deal? The main benefit of loans for bad credit is flexibility. The list of lenders is extensive, so having the ability to search for them online is a true pro for applicants.

Banks And Credit Unions

Online lenders aren’t traditional personal loans, even though they follow almost the same pattern. Banks and credit unions are the most traditional way of requesting car loans. Why would you like to request money from these institutions? First of all, it’s always safe to work with a bank or ask for help from a credit union. 

Furthermore, there are certain perks, such as membership discounts, lower monthly payment options, or other types of benefits for the joiners.

It’s not always applicable for poor credit score borrowers, but a good search practice can show you the banks and credit unions suitable for many.


Last, however, not least is a dealership. It’s a service where one can easily use a soft credit check, try, and then buy a used or new car. There are various types of dealerships. The main positive side of dealing with this service type is multiple options available for purchase. It’s also possible to sell your old car with bad credit while you’re buying a new one.


How To Get A Car Loan With Bad Credit 

What if you had a step-by-step guide to getting a car loan with poor credit? We know the challenge of buying a car when you don’t have a good credit score for the deal. However, it’s not a point anymore with the well-built approach to the task. How to get a car loan? A wide range of loan providers makes it possible for borrowers to finalize the agreements even with poor credit. 

  1. The first step is research. You should find the best option that can suit your requirements. Make sure to start with the type of lender you can apply for. 
  2. The next step is to find a company with a good image in the market, a low interest rate, and affordable fees. Our list has a couple of good options for poor credit car buyers. 
  3. Once you’re done with the research, it’s time to prepare the list of documents. Your personal details matter a lot to the lenders, so be sure to prepare every piece of paper to finalize the deal. 
  4. Now, it’s time to apply for car loans. Depending on the type of lender you have chosen, you can do it online or visit the physical branch. 

The process is rather simple if you meet the requirements. The review period usually takes around a couple of days. But if there are any issues from either side, it can take longer. The best practice is to reach out to the company if your bad credit loan approval is postponed. 

Useful Tips For Improving Your Chances For Getting a Bad-Credit Car Loan 

How to make a poor credit car loan application less stressful? It’s best to take a piece of advice from those who’ve been in the industry for a long time now. Here are a couple of tips that can make the whole process less cumbersome and yield fruits. 

  • Always start with the credit scores. Three major bureaus provide information about credit scores. You need to request a credit report to learn what status you have. 
  • Save some money that you’ll need for a large down payment. Providing a down payment is one of the ways to secure your application with a bad credit car loan. 
  • Choose the lowest APR rather than the lowest loan terms. It’s a better practice to save money and not get enticed by lenders. 
  • Co-signing can be an option if you want to expect lower rates and longer monthly payment periods, for example. 

There are many more tips and tricks to learn before you apply for car loans. But you can be good to go with these simple yet working tips. Prepare yourself for the deal, get a list of needed papers, and feel free to apply. 


Can I get a car loan with a credit score of 450?

Yes, you can get a bad credit car loan with a bad credit car score of 450. There are plenty of services offering large down payment deals for clients with a poor credit score. For example, Carvana or CarMax doesn’t require minimum credit scores. You can learn more about them in our guide. 

Is it hard to get a car loan with bad credit?

If you struggle with an insufficient payment history, finding a suitable lender may be more challenging. However, it’s still possible to refinance loans and get approved to find a truly beneficial offer. With the tips from our article, you can learn an easier way of applying for car loans. 

What do I need for getting a loan with bad credit?

You need to research a lot to get car loans with bad payment history. We’ve done some work to provide you with the top 7 lenders for bad credit car loans. All you need is to compare loans for bad credit, choose the best for your case, prepare the documents about the minimum income, and apply. 

Can a car loan raise my credit score?

With an on-time monthly loan payment, you can increase your credit scores by using an auto loan. If you pay responsibly, you can add to your positive credit score, its length, credit mix, and other factors.

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