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Do you need to fund an urgent expense? Is there an overdue bill that needs to be paid immediately? You can experience dozens of financial emergencies and situations when additional cash can save the day. But what can I do if I desperately need emergency loan but I have bad credit?

Traditional lending institutions limit your options in this case, as the borrower’s credit history is one of the major requirements to qualify for extra funds. So, in order to apply to a conventional bank or credit union, you will have to build or improve your credit first.

Is there an alternative? Yes, below is a list of the best loan companies for bad credit holders. Even if you want to get a quick solution tailored to your needs, you don’t have to lose your precious time. Applying to one of the reputable online companies can be a smart decision provided that you know what bad credit loans mean and how to find the most suitable creditor. Compare the options and choose the best one!

What Is Considered a Bad Credit Loan?

What are online loans for poor credit? Having a less-than-stellar rating means your options are limited in terms of borrowing. The FICO rating tells us that an excellent rating is between 720 and 850 which is rather rare as it takes a lot of time and effort to build such a perfect credit history.

Good credit is considered between 690 and 719 points, fair credit is between 630 and 689 points, while poor score ranges between 300 and 629 points. As you can see, lending options for poor credit holders exist but the interest rates and APRs on such loans with bad credit will be higher.

Some borrowers get confused when they check their annual credit report and find out their credit rating is less-than-perfect. Are there online loans for bad credit holders? Don’t feel too embarrassed to try your odds and apply for this lending solution. Of course, you need to estimate your chances and be realistic.

Conventional lending organizations will most likely decline your request as they value your creditworthiness and aren’t willing to risk losing their funds in case of default.

How is your credit? Score Range What APR to Expect?
Excellent 720-850 11.8%
Good 690-719 17.4%
Fair 630-689 23.4%
Bad 300-629 28.7% (But be ready to get rejected)

* Attention! All the mentioned interest rates are estimates and don’t relates with any certain lender.

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Bad Credit Loans in 2023: What They Are & Best Offers

A bad credit is defined as a score from 350 to 579. In most cases, such score owners don’t qualify for personal loans unless they apply with reliable co-signers.

Still, not all loans are created equal, and some may accept users with a score of 650 or even 580 to 600. The numbers of the score and the qualification requirements are the two key factors that usually decide what interest rate the loan given will set. For those with a better score, it can be significantly lower.

If FICO defines your credit score as bad, there are still many ways. Don’t get despaired when you realize that many cards are inaccessible now. It doesn’t mean you will get all the perfect terms and favorable conditions, but you shouldn’t settle for the worst credits and look for the one that meets your needs well. Check out some of the best and proven loans for poor credit below.

Best Bad Credit Loans in 2023

Most of the time, the lender will closely study your credit score and history to determine the level of risk for them if they lend you money.

But let us see what exactly it is. First of all, it is a low minimum credit score that doesn’t necessarily mean you neglected to pay previous loans. This concept includes a short credit history or max limits exceeded in cards.

Below are some top options for anyone with a poor credit score who won’t settle for bad conditions.


General description

For the start, we chose one of the most impressive loan providers ― LendingClub. It is a flexible instrument for consolidating debts. It offers credits to a range of borrowers, including fair credits, and is easy to issue online.

When it comes to typical loans for bad credit, LendingClub isn’t the first thing you think about. It is mainly meant for good and fair score owners. However, with bad credit, one can choose a person who acts as a co-borrower and can guarantee regular payments. Still, there is more to LendingClub than meets the eye.

The main reason we speak of it as a reliable option for someone in need is the chance to issue a loan and make interest-only payments for three months. This is called a ‘hardship plan.’ The plan lets you take out a short-term loan and get back on the straight and narrow sooner.

Minimum score

LendingClub has a requirement of a minimum 600 score to qualify for a loan and offers a joint application.

APR range

The APR at LendingClub ranges from 6.34% to 35.89%, depending on the amount of the loan and the market condition. This isn’t the lowest APR possible, but quite fair.

Loan amounts

LendingClub gives out loans from $1,000 to $40,000, and usually, people get access to funds in two business days.


  1. Offers joint loan application
  2. Practices direct payment to lenders as a part of debt consolidation loan
  3. Flexible ways to change payment date
  4. Soft check as a part of pre-qualification
  5. No interest rate discounts for autopayments
  6. No mobile app to manage settings conveniently.


  1. Charges an origination fee
  2. Only two repayment terms available: three or five years
  3. High APR and no discounts

What is needed to get it

As a rule, borrowers provide the personal data of applicant(s), contacts, verifiable income (individual or joint), and a reason for borrowing. Clients also undergo a soft check


This peer-to-peer lender is still a good way to get financing fast, for the long term, and without affecting your score through prequalification.


General description

Upgrade loans are famous for their rate discounts, serving users across the whole score spectrum, and being suitable for home improvement loans. They are a nice way to consolidate debts without paying ultra-high interest rates.

We like the company for offering attractive bonuses and perks such as rate discounts, direct payments to creditors, and opportunities to take out a loan for major purchases, as clients get a chance for long repayments in this case.

Minimum score:

The company accepts users with minimal scores, i.e., 560 and up. This means it is fit for bad and fair credits, too, although clients with excellent scores (from 690) usually apply more frequently.

APR range

The APR ranges from 6.95% to 35.97%, which often turns out to be an affordable amount, especially compared to other bad credit loans.

Loan amounts

The amounts vary from $1,000 to $50,000. With the average borrowing term of five years, the Upgrade company can change the term at your request to a variety of repayment periods ranging from 2 to 7 years.


  1. Flexible repayment terms
  2. Low minimum score to take out a loan (560)
  3. Joint application available
  4. Comfortable loan amounts
  5. Funds available just in 1 business day
  6. Attractive features: direct pay and autopay discounts, rewards checking discount (up to 20% off the rate)
  7. Good customer assistance and mobile app management.


  1. Charges an origination fee: 1.85% to 8%
  2. $10 late fee
  3. $10 failed payment fee
  4. No chance to pick a payment date.

What is needed to get it

The list of requirements isn’t very long. Besides being a US resident or citizen or holding a valid visa, one should be 18 years old or older and have a verified bank account. Besides, it covers:

  • Minimum 2 years of credit history
  • Minimum 1 account on history
  • Minimum FICO score 560 (according to the TransUnion version 9)
  • Maximum 75% debt-to-income (DTI) ratio

Luckily, there is no sum defined as the annual income minimum. What is more, Upgrade accepts less popular income sources such as a partner, retirement money, alimony, child support, social benefits, etc.


Out of many options, Upgrade lender, shines as a very user-friendly loan provider with loyal requirements and nice conditions. Though it charges origination and late fees and gives no choice regarding payment dates, all other fees are significantly lower here than elsewhere.

We recommend Upgrade as an optimal option if you don’t want to switch providers all the time but settle for a reliable long-term loan provider instead.


General description

The reputation of Upstart includes the highly technological methods of using Artificial Intelligence to provide fair and bad credit owners with chances to borrow under convenient terms. Hence, that’s a perfect option if you are looking for a rare chance to get a low rate.

Another sphere that makes Upstart stand out is lending to newcomers. No problem if you haven’t borrowed yet or have a short history. It is also best for anyone who needs funds instantly, wants a changeable payment date and isn’t interested in mobile banking much.

Minimum score

Starting from the essentials, there is no minimum score to be accepted, which is great news for those with imperfect histories.

APR range

The percentage rate ranges from 5.4% to 35.99%. Autopay discounts aren’t offered.

Loan amounts

The provider offers only fixed-rate loans that range from $1,000 to $50,000. Pay attention, however, that in different US states, minimums will vary. For example, in Ohio, it’s $6,000, whereas, in Massachusetts, it goes up to $7,000. The money is given for 2 terms – 3 or 5 years. Loans are funded on the next business day.


  1. Accepts new borrowers
  2. No score requirements to take out a loan
  3. Direct payment to creditors
  4. Comfortable loan amounts available in 50 states
  5. Freedom to choose and change the payment date
  6. Benefits such as a hardship program, numerous ways to pay (online, automatic payments, phone, etc.).


  1. 0% to 8% origination fee
  2. $15 failed penalty fee
  3. $10 paper copy fee
  4. No mobile app
  5. No autopayment discount.

What is needed to get it

The borrower’s debt-to-income (DTI) ratio, info about delinquent accounts/bankruptcy, and a number of credit report inquiries for the last 6 months are the main things needed. The number of inquiries should be less than 6. Other standard requirements are:

  • Working a steady full-time job/regular part-time job or being eligible to start one in 6 months.
  • The amount of minimum regular income is $12,000.


All in all, Upstart is an especially beneficial loan provider for different purposes of loans. Though a bit overloaded with fees, this one can work great if you need to get funds instantly, make flexible monthly payments, and pay through multiple methods.


General description

Loans by LendingPoint are a great fit if you need a middle-size refinancing for your home or personal purposes. For large sums, this won’t be the best lender.

Its other pluses cover free score access, payment date changes, and soft credit checks.

Minimum score

This lender is stricter with scores and demands them to be not lower than 600.

APR range

From 7.99% to 35.99%. The average APR is estimated at 24.60%.

Loan amounts

The floor level at Lending Point is higher than average: $2,000, and the upper limit is $36,500. Repayment terms vary from 2 to 5 years, with the possibility of extended repayment within a hardship plan.


  1. Soft check for pre-qualifying
  2. Fast access to funds
  3. Possibility to change payment date
  4. Mobile app for handy payments
  5. Anytime access to score
  6. Same-day approval
  7. Accepts beginners.


  1. No co-application and joint application allowed
  2. Up to $30 late fees (relying on the state)
  3. 0% to 7% origination fee
  4. Limited loan sums
  5. No autopayment discount
  6. Reports to 2 out of 3 key bureaus, – Experian and TransUnion.

What is needed to get it

Apart from the necessary score of 600 (based on FICO version 9 and VantageScore 3), you will also need at least 6 months of history, which is great for beginners. Your max. debt-to-income (DTI) ratio shouldn’t exceed 50%. Income requirements are absent.


LendingPoint is the lender that is easy to qualify for, convenient to manage and pay, and gives you quick access to money. However, with LendingPoint, be attentive when the origination fee is applied and check if the sum will be enough to cover your needs.

Best Egg

General description

Best Egg is a popular online lender perfect for consolidating debts.

Minimum score

Though its official website needs a score of 600 and reserves the best rates for fair to good score owners. There’s no minimum score requirement.

APR range

The APR is estimated as 7.99% to 35.99%.

Loan amounts

The sums available range from $2,000 to $50,000 with 3 repayment terms: 3, 4, or 5 years.


  1. Soft check for pre-qualifying
  2. Fast access to funds
  3. Sufficient and wide-range loan amounts
  4. Direct payments to creditors
  5. Anytime access to score
  6. Next or same day approval.


  1. Limited geographical availability: only in Vermont, Iowa, West Virginia, and Washington, D.C
  2. $15 returned check fees (relying on the state)
  3. 0.99% to 8.99% origination fee
  4. No rate discounts
  5. Limited choice of repayment terms
  6. No mobile app.

What is needed to get it

The lender requires a bit more than its counterparts. This includes proof of income, valid US address, and social security number. However, a lower debt-to-income ratio is accepted: 40% is enough (65% with mortgages).


Best Egg offers quite standard and convenient terms and conditions for a loan, with nice sums that match both personal and global needs. Fees for returned checks are also significantly lower than in its rival companies.

Universal Credit

General description

The specialization of this lender is borrowers with damaged scores, so if you are looking for a loan easier to qualify for, this might be your best finding.

Minimum score

The minimum score is nearly 560, and the average borrower here has a score of 600.

APR range

The rate is slightly higher than in other loan providers – 11.69% to 35.93%.

Loan amounts

The amounts are quite flexible: $1,000 to $50,000.


  1. Soft check for pre-qualifying
  2. Comfortable maximum and minimum loan amounts
  3. Fast funding
  4. Direct payments to creditors when consolidating debts
  5. A lot of rate discounts: a 0.5% autopay discount, a 1%-5% autopay discount, and up to 20% existing customer discount
  6. Free access to score.


  1. Absence of joint borrowing and co-signing application; no chance to add collateral
  2. Just 2 payment terms: 2 or 5 years
  3. A high origination fee: 5.25% to 8%.

What is needed to get it

Here is the set of requirements: a minimal score, at least 1 account on history, the debt-to-income ratio 75% (with the mortgage and the loan you apply for included), and minimal length of credit history 2 years.


Universal Credit loans for bad credit might seem too demanding and somehow limiting, especially considering repayment time. Still, once you’re in, the perks and benefits outweigh everything else.


General description

If you struggle with a damaged score or have a fair one, the online lender OneMain is perhaps, the most loyal loan provider. Borrowers who qualify for loans (which isn’t difficult) are looked at, first of all, from the perspective of overall history rather than points in the score.

Minimum score

No minimum score applies.

APR range

Be ready to face higher than average APR: from 18% to 35.99%.

Loan amounts

Those who qualify for the loan get access to funds in sums from $1,500 to $20,000.


  1. Soft check for pre-qualifying
  2. Joint and secured loans
  3. Fast funding: same or next day
  4. Direct payments to creditors when consolidating debts
  5. Choosing and changing payment dates easily
  6. Evaluation of entire credit and history of income
  7. Mobile app


  1. A high APR
  2. Prohibition of use for business purposes
  3. Origination fee: 1% to 10%
  4. Four loan terms: 2, 3, 4, or 5 years
  5. No discount for autopay.

What is needed to get it

Minimal requirements are imposed on a borrower, and the main focus lies on the history rather than specific facts of life.


One Main is a good solution for an online loan that corresponds to all needs of a contemporary borrower and gives attractive perks and freedom of choice.

What Are Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit or poor credit loans are designed for clients whose report is slightly damaged or very far from perfect. Anyway, this is a common and unofficial name, and nobody advertises the ‘badcreditloans’ category as ‘bad credit’ loans.

Now, it is logical that many loans have higher interest rates for users, but that’s not true for all of them. In addition, if handled wisely, they can be a sure way to consolidate debt.

Understanding whether you have bad credit is simple. Any report containing one or a few of these instances simultaneously has a chance to be considered bad:

  • Defaults
  • Late payments
  • Bankruptcies
  • DMP, IVA, or DRO
  • A big number of hard searches
  • County Court Judgements

In many cases, a young adult might not have a good record just because they didn’t have time to make it and have never taken out a loan or opened bank accounts. Additionally, this concerns people who have recently moved to the USA because records are not transferred across borders.

How to Get a Loan with Bad Credit

Being ‘labeled’ with bad credit doesn’t mean all doors are closed now. You still have chances to take a loan at beneficial conditions that will allow you to improve the situation and earn rewards.

Here is how you get a loan step by step.

  1. Check out your credit.

Look at your score and the requirements of the desired loan giver. Use a free score access tool that can give a detailed picture of the entire picture, such as

  1. Do research and compare lenders.

Don’t stop at one lender as if there is no other. Some are more affordable and loyal than others, so why should you waste money and time on others?

  1. Pre-qualify.

This is a common procedure for seeing if you actually qualify, which has no impact on your score.

  1. Think of ways to get a lower rate before applying.

If pre-qualification shows that you’re still not eligible for a low rate, think of someone to act as your co-borrower or co-signer. Consider also secured loans where you put up collateral as a guarantee that you pay the loan off.

  1. Gather necessary documents and apply.

All financial statements and proofs of income – gather everything the lender needs to ensure a fast process without time waste.

Types of Loans for Bad Credit

Several types of loans can provide funding:

  • Payday loans
  • Secured loans
  • Unsecured loans
  • Home equity loans and HELOCs
  • Auto loans
  • Student loans

Secured & Unsecured Bad Credit Personal Loans

Secured personal loans, as a rule, need you to offer collateral for the loan. This is a major value such as a car, house, or account for savings. If you fail to repay, the collateral is taken by the lender firm to repay the debt. The advantage of such loans is a very low interest rate because the lender takes fewer risks.

Unsecured loans are, perhaps, more popular since they give you the whole amount of funding at once, and you agree to make a fixed monthly payment on the chosen date (or on the day settled by the company). These loans are great for home improvement purposes, payday loan consolidation, or other important purchases.

Even though the 2nd loan type includes higher interest (which grows as your credit score goes down), they take away no personal property. They are also more challenging to qualify for.

Student Loans for Bad Credit

These loans are taken with the aim to finance education. They can be taken with a co-signer and give you an opportunity to polish up your score over time. Modern student loans are flexible and allow you to start with a co-signer and use the ‘co-signer release’ function to set them free from the responsibility when the time comes.

Federal student loans have more benefits and perks, unlike private loans where repayment plans may appear not well managed or may require repaying the loan while you’re still completing your study.

Auto Loans for Bad Credit

Auto loans are designed for those deciding to buy a new car and being short of cash at the moment. They allow users to borrow money from a lender and repay it in a fixed time. Auto loans include several types of loans: credit unions, dealer financing, and car loans. As someone with a poor credit and too little time to build it up, you may qualify for a car loan only because it is simpler.

Payday Loans for Bad Credit

For urgent situations and purchases that must be made instantly, there are payday loans that give money the same day you applied. Since they only need proof of identification, income, and bank account, they are increasingly common with bad credit owners.

The sum is expected to be returned the day before or on the day the loan is due. Users are not recommended to take such loans if they have little chance to repay the loan immediately.

Anyway, payday loans don’t help you build up credit and have all chances to damage it even more since the lender will report the default to correspondent bureaus or even sell the debt.

For example, payday loans in California are regulated by the Department of Business Oversight to protect consumers from unscrupulous lenders. Under California law, the maximum loan amount is $300, and the maximum length of the loan is 31 days. Lenders are also required to provide clear and concise information about the loan’s fees and terms before a borrower signs any agreement.

While payday loans can provide immediate relief for those in urgent need of cash, they are also associated with high interest rates and fees that can trap borrowers in cycles of debt. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to consider other alternatives before taking out a payday loan.

Home Equity Loans & HELOCs for Bad Credit

Home equity loans are aimed at property owners to transform the unencumbered value of their houses into money. For borrowers with damaged scores, it’s recommended to take them as it is likely to be approved, even getting a lower rate than in all other loan types.

Such loans are backed up with the house or flat as collateral. Still, a home equity loan and HELOCs are different.

With a home equity loan, a lump sum is borrowed and repaid in regular installments at the agreed interest rate. The loan term usually reaches a decade or a few. HELOC (home equity loan or credit) lets you borrow a defined amount of money but on a revolving basis. In other words, you only have access to funds during the draw period. When it ends, you repay the balance over a longer period, usually 10 to 20 years.

Be careful, however, because your house is at stake, and if paying off becomes impossible, you can end up in bigger debt.

Pros and Cons of Loans with Bad Credit

Having reviewed some of the best options for bad credit loans, let us summarize their advantages and downsides.


Not looking at the halo of suspicion, bad credit loans are useful in plenty of ways.

  • Long repayment period.

Loan periods vary from 1 to 10 years in different types and let you avoid putting off important purchases and events in your life, including college studies, car purchases, etc.

  • Fast access to cash.

If you need money immediately, these are good options to consider. Even payday loans can be quite beneficial if the reason is worth it and you can pay off the whole amount plus fees.

  • Credit rebuilding opportunity.

Taking out a loan and being a diligent payer of monthly sums means building up your reputation as a borrower since the majority of lenders report to credit bureaus, which will guarantee you a boost in the score then.

This will signal to future creditors your ability to manage your finance and cover debts.


What concerns downsides, they are the following:

  • Sky-high interest rates.

Any lender takes a risk on you, so they need a certain amount of money to cover the debt if you fail to pay. Still, with high fees, it often doesn’t make sense to open a loan because overpayment can reach $3,800, for example, for a $2,500 loan with a term of 3 years.

  • Burdensome fees.

Just like regular loans, these are going to take different fees such as a late payment fee, origination fee, personal check use fee, and returned payment fees.

  • Automatic withdrawals.

They can make a problem and feel like robbing off. Moreover, users often forget to refill their card balance, and if there is no sum left to pay the monthly amount, they will also be charged a failed payment fee.

How Can I Get a Loan with Bad Credit?

If you need to fund a big-ticket purchase, pay for some bills, repair your auto, or finance a home improvement project but you need the best loans for bad credit, here are some steps to achieve this goal:

  • Check your rating – you can always check your current score by getting a free annual report from any of the credit reporting agencies. Sometimes consumers find errors in their reports.
  • Make certain you can pay the debt off – don’t request a bigger sum than you actually need as it will mean higher rates over the lifetime of online loans with bad credit. Ask for a smaller sum than you know you will be able to return on time and improve your rating.
  • Compare creditors – you have enough time to shop around and request quotes from several service providers until you find the most reasonable offer you can afford.
  • Get a co-signer if necessary – if you can’t qualify for an unsecured loan bad credit holders can also get a co-signer. Very bad credit loans can be secured and lenders will ask for a co-signer to take responsibility for you and your actions.
  • Choose soft credit pull – don’t accept loans for bad credit online that come with a hard credit check. This is the last thing you want to do with your rating. When it is so poor you should opt for a soft inquiry that doesn’t harm it. A soft check is meant to verify your data and your earning potential.

As you can see, loans for people with poor credit exist but it may take some time to learn all the bells and whistles of this lending decision. Compare your options and apply for the best crediting solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you know your chances are lower due to poor credit history you try to seek alternative options. Loans for people with bad credit from online finance-related service providers are designed to help every consumer in need. While conventional creditors rely solely on the credit report and FICO numbers, alternative providers consider other factors including the place of work, steady employment, education, or the place of residence. So, if you apply for bad credit loans online but have a stable source of monthly income or college education, you may be offered better terms.

There’s no doubt that a payday loan is one of the easiest loans to take. They are given for the short term, don’t mind owners of short history, and many of them are created specifically to help out those in need.

In the contemporary market of loans, there are a number of available versions to consider for bad credit. They are auto loans, student loans, secured and unsecured loans, home equity loans, and HELOCs.

Now, it often doesn’t depend on the score itself. In the end, this is just a formality, and it doesn’t objectively evaluate how diligent a person is in paying off the debt. What many creditors tend to do is look at your entire history and only then make conclusions.

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