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Are you keeping track of your finances? That‘s a good start. Being bombarded from every direction, we struggle to find content that matters. Financial podcasts can benefit your money management right off the bat.

Did you know that listening to the best financial podcasts can do wonders in your financial life? Whether you’re looking for financial advice online or ways to improve your life, financial podcasts provide a ton of value. Try to consume content that matters in a more convenient way.

Think of it as a valuable medium that gathers participants at all different levels of knowledge. Without a doubt, it’s great to learn from millionaires as well as people in so much debt they can barely breathe and people who made a whole lot of progress. All of them have struggled one way or another. The best thing is that it allows you to expand knowledge in the area of personal finance while on a go.

According to Nielsen research, between 2006 and 2015, awareness of podcasts grew from 22 to 49 percent. While Edison Research claims that one-third of Americans have listened to podcasts in 2015.

In 2017, the podcast industry has made rapid growth. Listening to podcasts has become popular and more common.

Thus, in 2017 110 million Americans listened to podcasts on various topics, while 42 million (15 percent of the US population) listened to personal finance podcasts, according to a survey.

Well, with over 550,000 podcasts available for download, the best personal finance podcasts are worth your attention. Looking for advanced advice on topics like buying a home or looking for tips on how to break nasty credit card habit? Any of these financial podcasts below can be great out of the gate.

One thing to mention that any of these podcasts were not ranked in any particular order. So, it’s in your interest to go through them all before picking the favorite one.

1. The Stacking Benjamins Show

Hosted by Joe Saul-Sehy and OG, Stacking Benjamins is probably one of the best finance podcasts out there. Discussing something like investing and the stock market in a funny and informative way, this podcast stands out of the crowd.

The Stacking Benjamins show is not just your generic ‘save money, spend less’ advice. Instead, is one of the best personal finance podcasts that makes difference. It focuses on wealth building related topics accompanied by a 15-20-minute interview and answering to listener’s questions. Interested on how to get out of a bad credit card debt? Then, dive right in and you’ll be hooked.

Named as the Best Business Podcast of 2017, this 3x per week show is a clear favorite here. It aims to introduce you to a broad spectrum of ideas in a fun and unbeatable tone. So, if you are looking for something entertaining and accidentally informative, the Stacking Benjamins Show is right up your alley.

2. So Money Podcasts

Praised widely by journalists, So Money podcast beats the heck out of others. Hosted by one of the best-selling author Farnoosh Torabi, it covers a wide range of topics. Want to hear how other successful people think about and use their money? Wait no longer, this is the show for you.

Being named the #1 Female-Hosted Podcast of 2017 from Entrepreneur Magazine, Farnoosh Torabi is worth listening to.

Want to keep up with the habits of today top business minds? The highlight of So Money show is its inspirational guests with its unique money story to share. Nearing 1 million downloads, So Money podcast is a 3x per week show that makes complex topics accessible and always timing to everyone. Head on to So Money.

3. Planet Money Podcasts

Calling all Earthlings! Are you ready to learn about economics in a more entertaining way? Broaden your horizons with Planet Money. Enjoy your commute to and from work and motivate yourself to a clever step towards your financial health. Hear people who are in your situation and those who are ahead of you and behind you to help motivate you.

According to Apple, Planet Money was 9 out of 10 most downloaded podcasts in 2014. Planet Money is a clever way to get answers to questions that may commonly come to mind but are forgotten minutes afterward.

Want to keep up with today’s rapidly changing global economy? There’s no better way than to listen to Planet Money.

4. ChooseFi Podcasts

Being one of the top financial podcasts out there, ChooseFi is a perfect starting point. Developed as a cult-like following, this finance podcast is worth your time. Over 20,000 private Facebook group members can’t be wrong. ChooseFi focuses on financial topics useful to get a sense of financial management.

So, if you are looking for ways to reduce your expenses, eliminate debt or optimize your credit card rewards, you‘re in the right place. ChooseFi is a must-listen-to podcast that can ease your pain. Start your every Monday morning commute to work with ChooseFi to feel more motivated. All in all, the more motivated you are, the more actionable steps you can take.

5. You Need a Budget Podcasts

If you need a fresh dose of just the right medicine to help you get out of debt, subscribing to You Need a Budget would be wise. Break the paycheck to paycheck cycle with You Need a Budget, a popular podcast about personal finance.

So, if you are aimed to establish new financial personal goals or to save more money, head on to You Need a Budget. This weekly show covers practical topics of budgeting, spending and making more money. Now, go ahead and choose those topics that matter to you.

6. Listen Money Matters Podcasts

Master your money with Listen Money Matters podcast right away.

Want to get some straight shooter advice from some random dude at the bar? No more hateful lectures. Instead, a great way to become more comfortable with the world of finance. Listen Money Matters do an amazing job at keeping it interesting.

Forget your father’s personal finance podcast. Listen Money Matters is different. They can be a bit too reactive at times, yet, it wouldn’t hurt to try to listen to them. Moreover, each episode can leave you wanting to tackle one important part of your financial picture.

7. Afford Anything Podcasts

Face it, listening to someone who becomes financially independent before age 30, might be intriguing, right? Learning about money with Paula Pant can be fun and entertaining.

Afford Anything is a weekly show covering anything from investing, debt, common financial questions, and much more.

One thing she wants you to know is that you can do anything with your money, but not everything. It can be an ideal solution for those who struggle to master their money. Listen to the expert advice as well as read lots of useful money-related information at the PayDaySay website and be sure to improve your financial literacy.

8. Quick and Dirty Tips Podcasts

Only have time for a quickie? Quick and Dirty Tips is nothing less than a podcast offering lots of short and actionable advice when it comes to everyday life.

No matter what stage of your life you’re in, Quick and Dirty Tips put the power into your mind.

Different topics in personal finance, investing and real estate can help you stay on a bright note. Besides, learn practical tips on managing your money.

Whether you’re just starting out or you are already a savvy investor, knowing how to make your money life better is a way to win.

9. Radical Personal Finance Podcasts

Want to achieve financial independence? Start listening to Radical Personal Finance right away.

Hosted by Joshua Sheats, it covers a myriad of financial strategies and keeps things real. With a more advanced approach, Joshua Sheats goes the extra mile and dives into the nitty-gritty of the topic, both good and bad.

The show airs several episodes per week with a wide variety of inspiring guests. The best thing is that no matter what topic you’re interested in, Radical Personal Finance has a lot to offer.

At last, it can become another favorite personal financial podcast to turn to.

10. The Consumerism Commentary Podcasts

Hosted by veteran personal finance bloggers Flexo and Dziubek, the Consumerism Commentary podcast is a professional show that features interviews of well-known authors and those involved in the finance industry.

If you’re interested in different topics like income taxes or balancing a budget, the Consumerism Commentary is just the thing.

Thus, you’ll hear interviews with top personal finance experts, learn tips on how to save and manage your money. Listen to this podcast to hear advice on buying or investing in property.

What Now?

What do you think about the financial podcasts in the list above? Indeed, there are dozens of other free financial podcasts available, and you might not agree with all of these.

Anyway, if you are familiar with any of them, let us know your experience.

If you are confused to what to start with, go through them all. Like. Share. Comment.

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