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There are professionals, who help to manage debts. There is also debt collection management software that helps to do it independently.

Fortunately, many people can get out of debt independently. They only need a guide that would help them to optimize data and brainstorm the most effective ways of recovery. Software for debt management is a good guide.

There are top three tools for debt management:

  • Ready for Zero – one of the simplest debt recovery management software that creates a debt management plan after you link all your debt accounts. It tracks your progress and provides two ways of recovery: the highest interest method first and the encouragement of the debt snowball method. This is a sample of debt-free management software.
  • DebtQuencher – provides a 3-steps plan to enter credit card balances, pick a payment method, and follow the payment plan. This software is paid and will cost you $5 for one visit.
  • DebtWise by Equifax. Nothing special – software will develop a debt management plan but with its help, you can automatically update your Equifax report. You automatically get access to your credit score, credit report, and credit report simulator. The price is $15 per month.

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