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Modern life is hectic and extremely busy. There are so many things to keep in your head and so much work to do. While your duties can be endless, you may end up facing a sudden emergency you aren’t prepared to. Whatever curveball your life throws at you, PayDaySay is ready to offer our quick help in the form of loans by phone.

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loans by phone
Best for Fair Credit



this rating is our subjective opinion

Minimum Credit Score


APR Range

59% - 199%with autopay

Loan Amounts Up to $100 per day
Fixed APR Does not charge interest
Loan Terms Until your scheduled payday
Frees No late fees ororigination fees
Time to Recive Funds Same day funding avalible
Recommended Credit Score No credit check required
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Best for Fair Credit



this rating is our subjective opinion

Minimum Credit Score


APR Range

59% - 199%with autopay

Loan Amounts Up to $100 per day
Fixed APR Does not charge interest
Loan Terms Until your scheduled payday
Frees No late fees ororigination fees
Time to Recive Funds Same day funding avalible
Recommended Credit Score No credit check required
Read the full review: Earning Personal Loans
Best for Fair Credit



this rating is our subjective opinion

Minimum Credit Score


APR Range

5.99% - 35.99%

Loan Amounts From $100 to $10000
Fixed APR Does not charge interest
Loan Terms From 90 days to 70 months
Fees No late fees origination fees
Time to Receive Funds Same day funding available
Recommended Credit Score No credit check required

Cash Loans Over the Phone

Are you constantly in a rush? Even if you don’t have the time to stop for a few minutes and sit back, we provide professional loan-matching help to get a 24 hour loan by phone. Sounds exciting? Well, it’s true.

Our online-based company has been working for many years already and has helped thousands of satisfied clients across the USA. We try to connect each loan request with the best lenders on the web.

A loan over the phone is the new normal. We understand that sometimes you may not even have the time to access your computer or go online to submit an application. Yet, unforeseen events and sudden monetary disruptions don’t want to wait.

When you need to obtain some urgent cash, turning to payday loans over the phone is the top solution.

phone loans

3 Steps to Request Funds Online


Fill out the Form

  • short and easy form
  • safe & secure

See If You're Approved

  • real-time request review
  • large network of lenders

Check Your Account

  • convenient borrowing option
  • money into bank account

Loans By Phone with No Credit Check

If you are willing to request a fast and secure personal loan for the short term, you should just make a few steps. Try our great feature today, and we will try to connect your application for loans over the phone 24/7. All you need to do is to click on our Toll-Free Number 888-585-6469 (for US clients only) button and get informed on the lender’s decision in 1 hour or more. Another way is to try an emergency loan with the traditional online application.

Pay attention that our company doesn’t issue any lending services as we are not a direct lender. We serve as a bridge connecting you with numerous lenders to help you obtain easy and almost instant payday loans over the phone.

The request can be approved in a short time. Third-party lenders we cooperate with may issue the funds within one business day, but sometimes it takes between 24 and 48 hours.

Keep in mind that there are hardly lenders that conduct no credit check. We want to warn you to stay away from such scams and save your time and money. Even if you opt for phone loans, the lender still verifies your identity details. It is called a soft credit inquiry as it won’t hurt your credit rating. This procedure is just necessary for giving lenders a chance to check and review your credit profile, make sure you have steady employment and income source to pay the debt off on time.

Strong benefits you can use

fast cash
Fast access to money
easy borrowing
Easy and secure form
quick approval
Quick Decision
best lenders
Check your loan offer
direct money transfer
Electronic money transfer
lenders online
Loan connection service
loan over the phone

Cash Advance Loans By Phone with Bad Credit

Some borrowers are worried about their credit history and scared to apply for short term loans if the credit is less-than-stellar. We understand that the majority of conventional financial institutions reject such requests and view them as high-risk. We deal with the high-rated lenders who issue financing fast.

You may have had certain issues in the past. But every person makes mistakes. We encourage you to try and get in touch with us. We don’t guarantee approval but we will try our best to connect your application with the best direct lenders. Some of them may offer you loans even with poor credit.

Apply Over the Phone for a Payday Loan

Whenever you feel the immediate money need, there is a chance to receive quick financing over the phone. Of course, it is quick and secure to apply for loans online from the comfort of your home. But it’s even faster to get extra funds while you are grocery shopping, making an expensive purchase, traveling, or just being on the go.

So, you can continue doing your chores or enjoying your life while following these easy steps to obtain a safe payday loan over the phone:

  • Click the Toll-Free Number 888-585-6469 (Area code 1) button on our site.
  • You will get connected with our operator. Follow the steps to get transferred to a direct lender. Make sure you tell your basic personal, financial, and employment information.
  • You can look through reviews and feedback of our pleased clients on the web and get to know more about our services. We want you to be 100% sure that our service of connecting you with 24 hour loans by phone is absolutely secure.
  • You will be asked to answer a few questions and tell the total amount you would like to take out. You will be transferred to the available creditors who can issue a payday loan by phone with no delay.

We’ll Keep You Moving

One of the major advantages of such financial assistance is the ability to keep on doing your work or anything else. We help you to save time and effort by connecting you with a wide network of direct lenders who are ready to offer payday loans by phone. Conventional crediting offices don’t have this opportunity as they require multiple documents and tedious paperwork before you apply.

Luckily, alternative companies like PayDaySay have revolutionized the way we provide our loan-matching services. The application form for such over the phone loans is much shorter and demands no papers and faxing documents at all. It is specially designed for busy people and consumers who face a sudden shortfall without Internet access. When you are strapped for both cash and time, personal loans over the phone become your only way out.

A loan by phone requires basic data about you including your full name, the last four digits of your social security number, and your employment details. It is quick and secure and doesn’t need any further data or faxed documents.

Apply for a loan over the phone now! Get started and acquire the quickest assistance today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you take out a loan over the phone?

Yes, we are ready to offer this new feature through our web platform. We will transfer your phone request to third-party lenders and help you get funded even when you are in a rush.

How can I get a loan over the phone?

Click the Toll-Free Number 888-585-6469 button on our site to get connected with the operator. Follow easy steps, provide your basic personal and financial details, and get matched with the best finance-related service providers available in your state.

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