Payday Loans in Arizona

Payday Loans in Arizona

Need Money Fast?

Each of us has been in urgent need of money before the paycheck when borrowing from friends or relatives is impossible. Usually, you can pay for these unexpected expenses with a credit card or a short-term loan, but these options don’t work for people with bad credit history.

This is why many Americans use online payday loans with no collateral for up to one month. However, they are illegal in some states, including Arizona. So what can you do in such a situation? 

That’s the question we’ll answer in this article. In addition, we’ll cover the alternatives and legal options for getting money without a credit check in the state.

Best Payday Loans Online in Arizona

Since such credits are not allowed in AZ, we will tell you about the platforms that provide different short-term credits. First, we’ll take you through all the options available to state residents, and then we’ll talk about them.


paydaysay loans

First, we want to discuss a popular platform through which you can get payday loans online in Arizona whenever you want, 24/7. This is not a financial institution giving out credits with their own money; it is a vast database of reliable lenders, among whom you can find the one whose terms suit you best. 

Since payday loans online in Arizona are not legal, there are no limits on the amount or term. You can get five different types of credits, between $100 and $5,000, for periods ranging from two weeks to several years (these are installment ones). 

You don’t need a good credit score to get money through PayDaySay; creditors approve 95% of borrowers. All you have to provide is your passport, address, phone number, and an existing bank account. You will receive the money within 5 minutes to 24 hours of credit approval.

The PayDaySay platform is free; you don’t have to pay subscription fees or entry fees. The only disadvantage is that it is only an intermediary; you will have to clarify all your questions and problems directly with the lender. 

The company has no offline office in AZ, so if you want to get payday loans online in Arizona, you can use their website.

Overall, this platform is an excellent option for those who want to compare dozens of offers available just for them on one site. You will no longer need to send various forms to different lenders to find out exactly what your terms are; on PayDaySay, they will offer various credits.


It is an organization that provides short-term credits for people in different situations. We suggest you take a closer look at its Instacash service, which is an excellent substitute for these loans. 

How does it work? 

  1. You register in the application, providing basic information about yourself: name, surname, age, nationality, place of residence, and bank account. 
  2. Next, you need to pay a $19.99 monthly subscription if you want to use 0% APR Instacash. 
  3. You will then have a certain amount ranging from $25 to $250 that you can borrow for two to four weeks as an interest-free short-term loan. If you’ve only used $100 of the available $250, you only have to pay back the $100 you borrowed. 

Of course, a huge plus of this service is that you get the money with no interest and no credit check. However, you need to understand that $20 for a monthly subscription also counts as a cost of credit. So, for example, if you get $250 for 14 days at an APR of 200%, you will pay the same $20 fee.  

The main drawback of this service is that the money can take 1 to 5 days to reach your account, and if you want to get it faster, you have to pay a $4.99 turbo fee.  

Overall, this platform is a good option for those who don’t want to constantly apply for different credits because Instacash is available as long as you successfully pay off the money you receive. 

Cedit Ninja

It is a platform similar to PayDaySay, registered in California. It offers credits at 99%-299% interest from a few weeks to a few months. The minimum loan amount you can get here is $500.  

Users of the platform speak well of it; for example, on Trustpilot service, the company’s rating is 4.5 / 5 based on 7,224 reviews. The users say the money comes into the account quickly, the next business day. In addition, they note that there are a lot of creditors on the platform so everyone can find a suitable option here. 

One of the company’s disadvantages is that to get the money, you have to pay an origination fee that is generally not refunded if you prepay the loan. In addition, you will have to pay a late fee if you do not pay the credit on time.

Cash Spot USA

This website has a database of micro-lenders who provide small amounts of money ($100 to $1,000) without collateral. 

The average term of these personal credits is 2-6 months, but the smaller the amount, the shorter the repayment period is. For example, if you take out a two-week loan, the APR ranges from 390 to 780%, which is very high.

You don’t need a good credit history to get money through this platform. However, creditors want to know the following information about you: 

  • Your first name, last name, and age. 
  • Address of residence. 
  • Income amount (it must be more than $1,000 per month). 

You can get money on this platform within 1-2 days. However, borrowing from this company is quite expensive, so it is better to apply here only in case of emergencies and in the absence of alternatives. You can find more information about Arizona payday loans online at their website Cash Spot USA. 

Cash Time

Another option to substitute for these credits is auto titles. Cash Time is an organization that gives such small loans using your car as collateral. This option is suitable for anyone with a car, confident that he will pay back the money on time. 

To get money, you must provide a Motor Vehicle Registration in your name or Vehicle Identification Number. If you have bought a car with credit and haven’t paid it off yet, that’s okay; you can still apply and be approved. 

Other required documents are a valid I.D., proof of income, and AZ residency. You can get between $200 and $5,000 at 100-200% interest if you meet all the requirements. The average payment period is two months.

This is an excellent alternative to Arizona payday loans online, but under no circumstances should you take such a loan if you are not sure you will pay it off on time. In addition, it may cost you your car, which you pledge as collateral. You can find out more information on the company’s website Cash Time.   

We said these loans are prohibited in the state. So why can you find them online and take out credit in the state? Because lenders find ways to keep operating in the state regardless of the law. 

They provide credit in Arizona online rather than offline. A law banning such services dates back to 2010, so it doesn’t prohibit them from providing such services over the Internet. 

Moreover, they call the credits in other ways providing the same credits.

For example, in AZ, there is a law under which the rate on a loan can not exceed 36% because, under the terms of the contract, your official rate can be 36%, but even more than 50% you will pay in the form of various fees and subscriptions.  

Even though you can get a de facto Arizona payday loan online, you have to understand that the lack of a law regulating the amount, term, and interest rate makes them even more dangerous for you. 

In conclusion, let us add that legally, financial institutions are not allowed to give any loans to active service members, reservists, or any dependents thereof. Any companies offering to lend money to the military operate illegally and could be fraudulent.  

Why Might You Need Arizona Payday Loans?

Such credits are used by millions of people every month. There are usually two reasons for it: 

  1. They have a bad credit history and no alternatives in the form of a credit card or installment loan. 
  2. They need money urgently, and these loans are available in a bank account in 30 minutes. 

Specific purposes for getting such credit are to repair a car, pay utility bills, cover the cost of an emergency trip, or pay off another loan. Whatever the case, it is critical to understand that the most important condition for getting such loans is to be sure that you will pay the money back in time.

Terms for Payday Loans in Arizona

Since there is no law regulating the process of getting an Arizona payday loan online, we will understand the general restrictions for all credits issued in the state.  

Loan Amounts

In AZ, the minimum loan amount is $25. The maximum is unlimited – these loans or their equivalent range from $100 to $500, rarely up to $1,000. 

The amount you can get from a lender depends mainly on your income, credit history, and history of using the application you are borrowing from. 

Calculate the minimum you need if you want to receive an Arizona payday loan online. Unless there is an emergency, never use 100% of your available credit limit, as it negatively impacts your credit history.

Besides, the larger the loan amount, the more interest you will end up paying, so try to get as little money as you need for your urgency.

Loan Terms

The repayment period always depends on the size of the loan. Under local law, if you get from $0 to $1,000, you must pay it back within 15 days to 25 months, depending on your specific arrangements with the lender. 

If you have to choose among several offers with different terms, always select the one where you get the loan for the minimum amount of time. However, you must be sure that you will pay the money back within that time. 

We recommend borrowing money for as little time as possible because the longer you use the financial institution’s capital, the more you will pay later. 

For example, if you borrow $200 at 100% for two weeks and two months, you will pay an $8 fee in the first case, and in the second – $33. That is the cost of credit increases in proportion to its duration. 

Loan Rates

This is the most important indicator for any loan. By law, the interest rate (APR) can’t exceed 36% on any consumer loan that’s $3,000 or less. If the loan amount exceeds this threshold, the maximum rate must be 24%. 

However, this is not the case with payday loans in Arizona online. Since the law does not regulate the maximum rate for this particular type of credit but simply prohibits them, lenders find ways to get around the restrictions and offer money at 200%-2200% APR. 

When choosing credit, try to take the one with the lowest APR rate possible because it determines how much money you didn’t get that you have to pay back. 

For the same $200 you get for two weeks, you can pay both $8 fees at an APR of 100% and $56 at an APR of 700%. The lower the rate on a loan, the better it is for you. 

Pros and Cons of Payday Loans in Arizona

The pros of such loans are as follows: 

  • They are available to almost everyone, even people with a bad credit history. 
  • You can get money in Arizona online without leaving your home. 
  • You do not need to provide collateral to get the money. 
  • Some organizations will help you get a credit in a few minutes or one day. 

However, specifically in this state, such credits have many disadvantages because they are prohibited by law: 

  • The rates on such loans are not capped so they can be as high as 2200%. 
  • If you are offered such a credit offline, it could be a scam. 
  • People who have taken payday loans in Arizona online have had problems going to court if the lender has deceived them. 

If you have the opportunity to avoid such credits, do so. 

What Will the Arizona Payday Loan Cost?

To calculate how much your credit will cost, you need to consider three things: the term of the loan, its size, and the interest rate. The smaller each of these parameters, the lower your loan price. 

It is important to note that lenders may also charge you extra fees, so read your contract to know what they might be. 

To calculate what your loan price is, you can use the online calculator on the platform’s website where you get your money or our step-by-step plan: 

  • First, divide the APR by 365 days and multiply by the number of days of your loan. 

The APR is an annualized rate; most short-term loans are for two weeks to 6 months. So, for example, if you borrowed at 200% APR for three months, you would need to divide 200% by 365 and multiply by 90 days. The result would be 49%, the rate you would have to pay on a loan. 

  • Next, multiply that interest rate by the loan amount. 

For example, the same 49% we found in the previous paragraph is a $98 fee for a $200 credit and $490 for a $1000. 

That’s it. Your credit cost is the fee we just found. 

Arizona Payday Loans if the Credit Rating Is Poor

You can get credit like this if you have a bad credit history because many lenders will not check it. However, you should know that because financial institutions do not look at your credit rating, they set a high loan rate. This is how they cover their costs and risks.

Even if you have a poor credit history, you can get a loan with a lower rate, but then you will have to provide collateral to ensure that you pay the total amount on time. 

If you do not need money urgently and want to improve your credit score, but do not know how to do this, do not rush to take short-term loans. Instead, it is better to use a credit builder service, which many financial institutions offer.   

What Are Alternatives to Arizona Payday Loans?

If you decide not to take out credit in Arizona online, you may want to consider the following options: 

  • Ask your employer for your paycheck a little early. This is the best option because you won’t have to pay APR. 
  • Borrow from relatives, friends, or acquaintances; just determine precisely when you will pay the money back right away. 
  • Take out a loan secured by your car or any other property you own.  
  • Take advantage of services like Instant Cash Advance. 

Never lend money if you are not sure you will pay it back in time; it can lead to loss of collateral, a lawsuit, and ruined credit history. 

In Conclusion

Arizona’s regulations on payday loans are meant to protect consumers from predatory lending practices. However, it’s important to note that taking out a payday loan can still result in a cycle of debt if not used responsibly. Understanding how payday loans work and having a plan to repay the loan on time can alleviate the financial burden.

Additionally, borrowers should carefully consider how many pay periods in a year and whether they can realistically afford to pay back the loan with interest in that time frame. As with any loan, it’s crucial to weigh the pros and cons and make an informed decision. By doing so, Arizonians can avoid falling into a vicious cycle of debt and instead use payday loans as a temporary solution to a pressing financial issue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is better to avoid taking such credits because they are forbidden by law. Because of this, lenders can set unfavorable terms or deceive you, knowing that you can face difficulties in court if you want to appeal their actions.

You can get money through a similar service, Instant Cash Advance. It is offered by some companies whose business model is based on subscriptions. However, you should understand that the subscription cost is essentially the APR on loan, although it is not officially considered as such.

Such credits are illegal in this state, so there is no limit on the number of loans you can get. Even though many creditors find ways to get around the law, you are still better off refraining from taking out such a loan, much less several.

No, local law banned such credits back in 2010. Since then, various alternatives like Instant Cash Advance and other short-term loans have appeared. In addition, the law did not prohibit such services online, so it is still possible to find payday loans in Arizona, although it is not safe.

Since creditors find ways to give you this kind of loan, even though it is illegal, they may find ways to sue you for not paying the money on time. However, this will be a civil court, not a criminal court.

No, they can’t do that without permission from the court. However, if you fail to pay the credit and lose the court, it may order to garnish not the entire salary but all the creditor’s expenses.

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