Payday Loans in New Jersey

Payday Loans in New Jersey 

Need Money Fast?

Payday loans are short-term credits that help people with bad credit history quickly cope with minor financial problems. They are usually under $500 and are given for up to 4 weeks at rates ranging from 200% to 2200%.  These types of borrowing are viral in the United States, but many states do not allow them. The same can be said about payday loans online in New Jersey, as according to local laws, they are illegal.

So what should borrowers who urgently need a small amount of money to deal with an unforeseen situation do? What alternatives would you use in such a case? Let’s discuss all the possible options.

Best payday loans in New Jersey

Since payday loans online in New Jersey are prohibited, we will talk about creditors willing to lend a small amount of money at a rate below 30%. The following five companies are reliable and trusted lenders you can trust.


We named this company first for a reason, as this is where you can get great offers from many payday lenders at once. If you usually have to go to the website of each financial institution and search there for information about rates and contract terms, with PayDaySay getting a loan will be much easier and faster!

All you have to do to start receiving offers from lenders is fill out an application with basic information about you, including your first and last name, address, and official place of employment. Since creditors are not allowed to give you exactly payday loans online in New Jersey, they come up with many alternatives. All these options will be collected in your account through specific offers with specified credit terms.

Your only task is carefully reading all the terms and choosing the lender you want to work with. That is all! The money will reach your bank account within 5-30 minutes, and sometimes it can take up to 24 hours.

You can be sure you’ll find the right loan on this platform at a rate below 30%. The app’s only drawback is that it is only an intermediary between you and the creditor and therefore does not solve problems or answer your questions about the rates and terms of specific loans.


Chime If you urgently need money to avoid a credit card overdraft, you can use Chime Overdraft Protection instead of taking out credit. You can use it to instantly put $20 to $200 into your Chime account to cover debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals.

To qualify for this service, you must make one payment to your Chime checking account of more than $200 in the last 34 days. If you did that, you don’t have to pay any subscription or service fees, and the APR on this credit is 0%.

You must pay the total amount at the time of your next paycheck (2 to 4 weeks after Chime Overdraft Protection accrues). So, for example, if you used $30 of your limit, you only have to pay back $30; if you borrowed $50, you have to pay back $50.  The main two drawbacks of this alternative payday loans online in New Jersey are that it can only be used for Chime accounts and only to cover debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals. But, otherwise, it is a great option that is an excellent financial solution.


A platform with dozens of lenders can help you get $100 or more not through payday loans online in New Jersey, but through an alternative method – installment credits.

Note right away that this method is only available to people with a credit history and 610 points or more. However, it is worth it because you can get money for three months to 6 years at 6-30% APR.

For creditors to agree to lend you money, you must be a U.S. citizen over 18, have formal employment, and provide proof of your income. You will also need to provide your bank account information, residency, and phone number.

After signing the agreement, you will receive the money directly into your account within 1-2 business days. Of course, the larger the loan amount, the longer the transfer will take.

The main disadvantage that platform users note is poor customer support. To contact the company, you will need to write to their email, but not the fact that you will get an answer quickly, if at all.


This is another company that does not provide New Jersey payday loans online but allows you to find a lender for better installment loans. Here you can get money under the following conditions:

  • The minimum loan amount is $500.
  • No minimum credit score.
  • APR from 2% to 30%.
  • You must be paid back in six months or less.

If you have a poor credit history and do not agree with the terms offered by creditors, you can use another alternative New Jersey payday loan online. Car title credits allow you to receive money with a maximum annual interest rate of 16%, but you must pledge your car as collateral.  You should only consider this option if you need a large sum of money and are sure you will pay back the money on time.

Bad Credit Loans

BadCreditLoans As the name implies, this company works with people with bad credit history. Here you can get a credit of $500 or more for at least three months at an APR of no more than 30%.  The requirements for borrowers at the company are as follows:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Provide Social Security number.
  • Have a steady source of income (it does not have to be a salary, it can be disability payment or Social Security benefits).
  • Have a bank account.
  • Provide a telephone number and email address.

Be careful when choosing a credit, and be sure to read the contract whether there are any additional fees for late repayment, for using the lender’s services, and so on.

Local laws have outlawed such loans for more than a decade. The problem is that in many states, they cause people to fall into the debt trap.

Imagine having to pay back almost half the amount in just one month of using credit money – for example, you borrowed $400 and 30 days later have to pay back $600. This financial strain can cause stress, not to mention the constant need to take out new loans to pay off old ones.

The situation with New Jersey payday loans online is different. Here, they are not legal, and lenders are forced to use a maximum rate of 30% per annum when lending money to individuals.

This solution has both pros and cons. The good side is that it is much safer to lend money with these lending terms, and the bad side shows us that lenders are more likely to turn down potential borrowers because of unfavorable terms.

Why might you need New Jersey payday loans?

People usually apply for such loans because of the following problems:

  • First, they can’t get money from a bank because of bad credit history.
  • Second, they need money urgently, and personal loans are provided within a few days.
  • Third, they don’t have a property that can be pledged as collateral to get money at better terms.

The purpose of getting a New Jersey payday loan online or similar loans can be anything from paying off another loan to needing to get your car fixed urgently. However, they are most often applied for by people who are faced with an emergency and need to cover an unforeseen expense urgently.

Terms for payday loans in New Jersey

State laws always regulate any credits. You must be aware of these regulations so that you do not take New Jersey payday loans online on unfavorable terms.

Loan Amounts

The law does not set limits on the number of short-term credits. However, we can say that payday loans are usually between $100 and $500, and unsecured installment loans are limited to $5,000.

If you are unsure how much credit you need, do not borrow as much as the financial institution’s limit allows. Instead, use the formula “the amount needed + 15% for contingencies”.

For example, you need $400 to repair your car. However, borrowing only $400 can be dangerous because you may have to cover small expenses, such as tips for the repairman, with your own money, or worse, a new credit. To avoid this, we recommend that you add 15% to this amount for unexpected expenses, which is another $45.

Remember that the larger the loan amount, the more interest you will pay. For example, with the same rate of 30%, over six months, you will have to pay:

  • $45 fee if you took out a $300 loan.
  • A $75 fee if you borrow $500.

That’s why it’s better to borrow as much as you need without using your total credit limit.

Loan Terms

The terms for which you can take a loan in New Jersey online or offline are also not specified in the law. This means that each payday lender has the right to set its terms for borrowers. Usually, the minimum repayment period is three months, as it is not profitable for financial institutions to lend money only for two-four weeks. However, if possible, you should try to borrow for the minimum term so that the total cost of the loan is less. For example, if you borrow $300 at a 30% interest rate for three months, the total loan price would be $22.5, and $90 for a 12-month loan.

Loan Rates

The maximum borrowing rate in NJ is 30%. This is an excellent rate, considering that in Texas, for example, it can be as high as 518%.  However, it is essential to understand that local laws only control the rate, not the co-payments. Because of this, many payday lenders use the following fees to generate more revenue:

  • A service fee for the company’s services can be anywhere from $5 to $45.
  • Late or early payments are assessed if you repay your credit later or earlier.
  • You should pay rollover fees if you ask the lender to extend your credit.
  • Some payday lenders charge origination fees for processing your application.

All these extra fees significantly increase the cost of your loan, so read the terms and conditions carefully and try to choose a lender who does not use them.

Pros and Cons of payday loans in New Jersey

The advantages of getting a New Jersey payday loan online are as follows:

  • The state has an annual rate cap of up to 30%, which is favorable.
  • The money arrives in your bank account within 1-2 business days.
  • The minimum period for which the financial institution is willing to lend you money is three months, which reduces the amount of your monthly payment and keeps you out of the debt trap.

As these credits are illegal in the state, they also have many disadvantages:

  • Lenders turn down more borrowers because they have stricter requirements for low 30% APR.
  • There are very few companies in the state where you can get money without a credit check and no collateral.

In general, because such credits are prohibited, you may find yourself in a situation where getting a small amount in a matter of minutes is impossible if you have a bad credit history.

What will the New Jersey payday loan cost?

You must read the contract terms carefully to calculate how much you have to pay to use the borrowed money. You can find out from it the loan repayment period, the exact amount, the APR, and the additional fees. Now let’s calculate together how much interest you will pay for $400 borrowed for six months at an APR of 30%.

First, you must determine how much interest you will pay to the financial institution. Since the APR is an annual rate, you have to divide 30% by 12 months and multiply by 6 (the term of your loan). It turns out that you will pay 15% more than the amount for the entire period of using the money.

The next step is to convert the result into dollars and multiply the 15% in the credit amount. In our case, it would be $60. The total loan amount = fee + loan amount, i.e. $460. Since you took out a 6-month credit, your monthly payment will be $76.6.

New Jersey payday loans if the Credit Rating Is Poor

You don’t always need a good history to get short-term credit. It all depends on the lender. Unfortunately, few financial institutions in NJ are willing to lend money to people with bad credit, but there are still options.

Usually, companies that work with people with no credit history write “loans for bad credit score” like this. However, you should understand that the lower your FICO score, the worse credit terms you are usually offered.

You may get a small loan under $500-$1,000 without any problem, but larger credits may be in question. If that’s the case, you may want to look at alternatives with collateral.

What are alternatives to New Jersey online payday loans?

There are several alternatives to such loans:

  • Installment credits. These are the same as short-term loans, only they are made for several months or more and are paid back in fixed installments. These types of loans are not free of charge, and sometimes financial institutions can check your credit history before giving you any money.
  • If you have a motorcycle, car, or another vehicle, you can turn to financial institutions that make title loans as collateral. In this case, you get twice as good terms because the lender has less risk. However, you should remember that the car will become the financial institution’s property if you don’t pay back the money on time.

In addition, if you have the opportunity to avoid loans, it is better to use it. For example, ask friends for money or your boss to pay your salary a few weeks early.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This type of credit is banned in the state, so you can’t take it. However, many lenders say they provide online payday loans Texas and other states at a reduced rate of up to 30%.  

No, when you take out a loan, you are using the bank’s money, which you necessarily have to pay. In addition, organizations providing credits with 0% APR often require a subscription or continued use of the account, which is unsuitable for the borrower. 

Such loans are banned in NJ, so there is no limit on how many you can get. However, you should understand that you cannot take out as many short-term loans as you want because there is a specific limit on the amount that can be borrowed for each of us. 

No, they are not allowed in this state. In addition, local laws only allow credits with a rate of less than 30%. However, don’t worry; you can always find many alternative loans in NJ. 

If you receive money from licensed payday lenders, they can sue you for non-payment of money. Note that you must have a written contract that will spell out all the terms and rates of the loan. If the terms comply with local laws and the rate does not exceed 30%, the creditor can operate in court. 

If you borrowed money from payday lenders without a license in your state, you could not worry, as they have no right to garnish your wages. Also, licensed creditors do not have this right; only the courts can do this. However, if you do not pay the money back for a long time, the financial institution can sue you and make you pay back the loan and the cost of the lawsuit.

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