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If you want to buy tickets to any significant sports game, you should be ready to pay the price which can be quite high sometimes. More likely you will face a need of paying extra if your decision to buy tickets was impulsive. Though, don’t get despaired, because it is always some way out.

First of all, there is an opportunity to get money online and also PayDaySay gathered information about 7 great places where you can buy cheap sports tickets. So, you still have a chance to visit big games without breaking the bank! Check all the available options to purchase the tickets and pay attention to such important factors like cost, availability and seats’ location.

Physical Box Office

One of the simplest choices is visiting the team’s box office and buying tickets in person. Of course, buying online is more convenient but when you buy directly from the box office, you can be 100% confident that you don’t pay more than tickets really cost. Also, this option is good if you have to buy tickets for a family or a big company because then the tickets seller can give you advice concerning comfortable seat options.


There are always people selling tickets. And here are 2 basic categories: the ones who need to sell their tickets urgently by any reason and those who do it professionally and want to get as much money from you as possible. Look for representatives of the 1st category: when someone is desperate you can always ask for a discount and try to make the deal on your conditions. Always beware of scam: today technology allows printing tickets at home so check if the stadium has an official secondary sales area.


If you’re looking for a perfect place to purchase tickets online then Craigslist is one of your top options. You buy tickets directly from other individuals and quite often they charge less than the rest of retailers. If you buy through Craigslist, act quickly and keep in mind that there are many other people looking for good deals the same as you do. Beware of fraud and fake tickets because you never know who you are dealing with.


If tickets are already sold out for the game you want to attend, you can benefit with such a famous resource as StubHub. This company has a reputation in online ticket sales, even if tickets aren’t sold out yet it’s still worth checking this company for attractive deals. There you can meet people who want to resell their tickets and enjoy well-organized StubHub’s system.


To be short, it’s the biggest name in the industry. That’s why you can be sure that you’ll receive your order on time and if any problem will arise, it will be solved by the company’s staff. There are a few ways you can access Ticketmaster: on the Internet, by the phone or in retail stores. But keep in mind that tickets there can be sold out very quickly and also you have to pay additional fees for the service. That’s why it would be wise to think about the ways of saving money beforehand.

Vivid Seats

This company is not as popular as the ones mentioned above, but still, you can benefit from their service. The website has a nice and convenient interface and there’s friendly consumer support. The company’s staff will answer any questions concerning your order but however, there’s a quite high service fee in the industry. That’s why it would be wise to think about the ways of saving money beforehand.


This company provides a convenient and quality service as Ticketmaster does, but mostly it focuses on secondary sales. However, you have to pay a high service fee which is a significant drawback. You can take advantage of the live chat and discuss pricing and delivery options with the company’s online consultant.


Finding cheap tickets for the great game is very exciting (check 2016 sports calendar to find the best games)! However, making the wrong choice or buying tickets in the wrong place can cause a bad experience. That’s why try to be careful and compare all the pros and cons before making the final decision. These 7 amazing options allow you finding and buying the best tickets without breaking the bank!

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