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7 Funny Money Saving Tips

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Saving money is just like a diet. Whether you save to make a big purchase or just want to get used to a frugal lifestyle, you have to be strong and learn to say “no” to yourself. But is it worth taking everything so seriously and make such a big deal out of it? Remember the good saying? If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude to it! If by any reason you can’t get a short term loan online from PayDaySay and your current situation requires a change of your financial behavior, try these funny money-saving tips and save up some cash and have some fun!

Tip#1: Freeze Your Credit Cards

No, not just call to the bank and tell them that you’re not going to use your credit card for a while. Just put your credit cards in cold water and freeze! Have you heard that some people obsessed with chocolate do the same, they freeze chocolate so then they have to wait to eat it? Very inconvenient, isn’t it? If your credit is far from perfect, learn how to improve it fast.

Tip#2: Go Out Without a Wallet

Don’t do that too often!) You friends will not like it, even if you’ll tell that you occasionally forgot your wallet at home so you’ll have to make many new friends. But you can try going out with no wallet to see what you can do for free! Make sure there are many things to do, especially in the center of your city. Most likely, there are some entertainments and fairs where you can try goods for free.

Tip#3: Go to the Grocery Store for Lunch

As one out of many ways to save money in a grocery store, you can take an advantage of food samples. If you don’t mind other people trying food around you, it can be a good way to save up some dollars. Together with the money saved, you can try something new and to get new impressions and ideas for your home cooking.

Tip#4: Collect Extra Packets in Restaurants

Okay, maybe not really in restaurants, but when you’re in a café, why not to take some packets of sugar, salt, pepper and ketchup with you? You never know when you may need something of it! Also, do not forget about napkins and plastic appurtenances! For example, if each time you buy get take away coffee you get extra packets of sugar with you, one day you can find out you have enough and skip buying it in a store!

Tip#5: Make Pictures of Your Fridge After Shopping

After the grocery shopping, put everything to the fridge and make a picture. Next time you go shopping you take a look at the picture and you already know what you need to buy! That saves your time and your money because if you’ll do some self-control, you will buy nothing extra!

Tip#6: Use Coupons on a Date

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Ignore this tip if you have an important date with someone you really like and your relationship has a long term perspective. But if it’s just a meeting, then you can take an advantage of vouchers and coupons, go to the nice place and save up some money! That’s when you can get a good dinner and pay less.

Tip#7: Do Your Hair/Make Up for Free

There are many beauty schools and students there need models to show up the results of their study. Check such schools online and see if they need models for haircuts, make up, nails or other beauty procedures. In some occasions it can be done absolutely for free and sometimes with a very good discount. In any case, it’s much cheaper than going to a regular beauty salon!

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