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Mobile Apps to Save on Groceries

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After Cyber Monday shopping it’s time to consider additional money-saving tools to get your budget ready for the holiday season. Food is a type of expense we just can’t skip, it’s what we always have to buy. Thus, food expense makes a significant part of our budget and it’s necessary to get to know how to lower grocery bills. If you don’t have time to clip coupons, then for sure you’ll find a few seconds to install these helpful mobile apps! Check our list of top mobile apps and save money easily!


Today’s mobile apps make our life easier by letting us saving money, making extra money and doing many other useful things. Ibotta is one of the best apps, providing numerous cash back options at almost any store. In the beginning, the app was focused on groceries but by now it has expanded to various areas of commerce including alcohol, restaurants, electronics, home improvement and etc. To get cash back from grocery purchases you have to tap on the offer, scan the product’s barcode, answer a quick question and take a photo of your receipt.

Checkout 51

This app also matches your grocery bill to a list of offers it provides. Checkout 51 is very easy to use because you only have to scan and snap, that’s it! Take a photo of your receipt and choose the e-coupons you would like to match. In this app, you will find many unique deals and an ability to claim them. Check offers to see buying which products this week can help you to get cash back!


It’s another app providing cash back on groceries. The company offers good coverage on grocery chains and pharmacies. In this app, you can often find healthy offers that motivate consumers buying healthy food instead of fast food or packaged goods. Also, SavingStar supports automatic savings for shops offering loyalty programs and makes earning rewards easier.

Groupon Snap

This app also provides us with an opportunity to get cash back for groceries. You may check the app a few times a day to see the offers because they quickly change. There are offers you can use only once and those which expire when the maximum number of redemptions is reached. Groupon allows you getting cash back for your everyday shopping so take advantage of it!

Southern Savers

It’s a must-have for extreme couponers! Using Southern Savers you will see how deals work, how offers combine and more. Choose your favorite stores and see the match-ups for them, check weekly sales and coupons that make the sale price even lower. Create shopping lists, explore available coupons and take advantage of other helpful tools provided by this mobile app!


This app doesn’t offer you cash backs on groceries but still, it’s very practical. It shows you which products are on sale, which coupons are the best and tells where you can find them. Favado is a very helpful app, especially for those who clip coupons, but even if you don’t, you still can appraise money saving opportunities it provides.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog allows you taking photos of your grocery receipts and getting cash backs. However, it’s worth noticing that it makes some things more complicated. For example, one of the lacks is that the app pays you in coins which you then have to redeem for cash so it can be difficult to define how much you’re saving. The app collects data about consumer purchases and doesn’t encourage you buying specific items. Still, you can save money with it!

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